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Kid Icarus: Uprising Review

After a long time away, Kid Icarus takes flight once more in Uprising for the Nintendo 3DS. Is his return triumphant or do poor controls hamper his comeback party, or perhaps both? Read on to find out!

One of the first things that Pit says after the goddess Palutena calls him in to battle the evil forces of Medusa and her crew of nasties is “Did you miss me?”  My response: “No.”  I grew up as a kid that had never even heard of a company called Sega until they brought out a blue hedgehog for their Genesis system in 1991, so my video game world revolved entirely around the Nintendo Entertainment System and memories of blowing on 2600 carts.  Despite my NES-blinders and his regular appearance as a whinny imp on Captain N: The Game Master, I never developed a strong affinity for Kid Icarus.  The look and play of the game just did not hold a candle to a certain Sir Mega of Man’s adventures, and there were six of those floating around, so there was never time for Grecian, unforgivingly difficult platforming.  Skip to two decades later, it was very surprising for me to see a positive, nostalgia-drenched fangasm for a new game starring Pit.  It was like if they announced a new <em>Balloon Fight</em> game with the fanfare and celebration usually reserved for royalty and followed by cries of glee which typically only spontaneously erupt whenever Leonard Nimoy walks within thirty feet of a comic shop.

So, for me and probably the majority of the people picking this game up to borrow or buy, <a href=””><em>Kid Icarus: Uprising</em></a> might as well be an entirely new game franchise from Nintendo.  It’s been 25 years since the original, just long enough for old players to have bred rose-tinted memories and children who can enjoy this game as their first encounter with the angelic protagonist.  It is a great game for the 3DS that is hindered only by the controls.  How big a hindrance is largely going to be a matter of taste and willingness to cope with clunk.

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