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Killzone and Metroid devs working hard on Halo 4 | Will it be even better?

A sample "heatmap" on, sh...

A sample heatmap shown on , could this be their brains imploding?



Halo 4 to look stranger or more awesome? Yep, it’s true folks, since Bungie has surrendered the helm for the series, the next Halo might look either more like what the engine already has, or more than likely these new teams will polish and invent/insert updates onto that as well. One thing is for sure, these guys mean business when it comes to creatures and creations; worlds, and elements, and everything in between.

It’s interesting that Bungie has stepped down giving it all over to 343 Industries, or perhaps they were let go for bigger guns.  When observing the website, if you glance at the ‘other games’ link aside from all the Halo addons and sequels they’ve produced on the home page, pretty much everything else that is highlighted there is also Halo related.   No word on why they’ve relinquished control, but all bets are it’s for the betterment of the game.



In the parting words of the Bungie team, the quotes are:


“Thank you for making our 20th Anniversary, and this year’s Bungie Day, kick so much ass,” the post reads. “As we prepare to become fans of the universe our studio began creating more than ten years ago, it’s nice to know that we’ll be counted among such esteemed company. Some might consider the upcoming transition a bittersweet occasion punctuated by a sense of loss and sadness. We feel otherwise. Halo is in great hands… yours.” ~Via 1UP
The new brains to fry on the enormous undertaking are:

Chris Haluke previously served as a lead designer at Guerrilla Games for Killzone 3, he has also lent his talent on other notable games and franchises which include Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell series, now he sets his sights to Master Chief‘s return to the franchise.

Kynan Pearson has worked with Retro studios for 7 years and has all the Metroid Prime games on his list of credits. He also played a significant role in Retro’s latest hit game Donkey Kong Country Returns.

Last but not the least is Jason Behr who has worked with some of the finest gaming companies out there, his trophies include brilliant work on Metroid Prime which still has some of the best design elements a first person shooter has to offer in today’s claustrophobic levels of realism.  ~Via VicariousGames

Ultimately, Bungie designed some of the best video gaming craftsmanship known to man.  As a dev at GT Interactive Games, we watched as Microsoft purchased the original concept art and designs directly from there studios and turned to Bungie for the solution.  To make a game no one would ever forget.   Well if it’s time to improve the ‘game’ it looks like we have some heavy hitters ready to take up the slack and satisfy the urging desires of Halo fans worldwide.

Halo Reach Concept Art Image (C) Bungie

Halo Reach Concept Art Image (C) Bungie

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