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King Arthur 2 | RPG Opinions and Review

With a great map setup, and interface similar to Diablo (see picture below) along with a robust 3D engine, King Arthur 2 released on January 26th, 2012 by Paradox Interactive, King Arthur 2 tells the story of Camelot with Arthur’s realm being overrun by evil beings called the Formori.  Is this title worth gaining your attention?  Our partners at GameAspect have the full story:

While King Arthur is wounded by a magical disease, the player takes the role of William Pendragon, the son of King Arthur.  While meeting various other characters from Arthurian legend the player must ride out and unite the country.

The developer, Neocore games, creates a game world that combines the legend of King Arthur with real history and fantasy to create a curious mix of scheming lords and powerful demons.

Read the full review at: GameAspect

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