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Question for GGD: “I saw Lego Pirates of the Caribbean sets on but the stores dont sell them?”

Some of our users saw that lego potc sets was supposed to be available a few weeks ago at Toys R Us but after contacting several stores they obviously said they don’t have any. Is it not true that they are available until tomorrow May 10th. If you look at the lego site it says Toys R Us does sell them so when will they be in stock? The site says they are available now an they are sold in stores.

Folks, If the site says they won’t be available until May 10th then they won’t be available until May 10th. Also: physical retail stores can’t stock everything; your best bet is just to purchase online and pay S&H, however GameStop and WalMart types of locations obviously will have them in supply at launch day as well.

Also remember to check out Click here for Lego POTC The Game Walkthrough

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