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Mass Effect 3 Datapad Review | iOS App

Released as a companion app for BioWare‘s epic trilogy-closing space opera, Mass Effect 3, the Datapad turns your iOS device into a text message reader, Codex vault, and Galaxy at War Readiness manager. But even as a free app, does it expand the experience enough to bother downloading. Read on:

With this game tie-in you get marginally more than you pay for.  The Mass Effect 3 Datapad app for iOS is a product that does not add much to the Mass Effect 3 experience, but it is free.  To have any worth to most users, they will need to have an EA Origin account tied to both Mass Effect 3 as well as the Datapad.  The interface looks and sounds like Mass Effect, but there is an appreciable lag when some of the buttons are pressed.  It is clearly communicating with some server in EA land, and this chops up the experience.

The appeal of this app is that it will, to a very limited degree, enhance your Mass Effect 3 play.  It does this in two ways.  The first is that after certain milestones are reached in the story in the main game, characters from the game will send short messages to Shepard via the Datapad.  These little text messages will be about what they’re thinking or doing.  Mundane transmissions of this sort do add a little depth to the people and creatures in Mass Effect.  However, these messages do not clue players into new quests or tasks or anything that will actually matter in the game.

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