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Most over-rated and disappointing games of 2011

Our friends at GameShark have provided our readers with that little bit of opinionated insight that makes reading here at GGD so worthwhile (why else do we have over 2k facebook friends right?)…  Well here’s the exceptional story as our last entry this year.  What’s the top over-rated and completely disappointing game titles of 2011?   Games that come to my mind would be:


Duke Nukem Forever


L.A. Noire

and GameGuideDog also throws Dungeon Siege III into that mix as well
(for being too simple and way too short)


Here’s what GameShark’s staff included on their list of overrated or disappointing:

Dragon Age II (cumbersome) 

L.A. Noire (Just plain overrated) 

Uncharted 3 (understandably short)

 RAGE (um, we said that too!) 




…and several others, read the full story from ‘gameshark’ here:

We have to add here that they had to bash Skyrim and with good reason, here’s a quote:

Skyrim is fundamentally the same Elder Scrolls game that we’ve been playing at least since Daggerfall along with all of the negative elements lingering, ranging from horrid combat mechanics to recycled dialogue (and voice actors) to an overall lack of focus, direction, or urgency. The writing is atrocious, and the much-vaunted quest system is little more than a grocery list of fetching and killing to-do items. It gets to the point where the game has nothing left to offer you in terms of narrative or challenge and all that’s left is your will to drive on and mark off those lists. And I’m sorry, being able to pick up every cheese wheel and tin plate in the game doesn’t make it more immersive or deep.

There’s more on the ‘knowledgeable video game reviewer’ video game front than just GameGuideDog and GameShark of course.  Jennifer Amlie at gives a similar entry with her comments on “Disappointing Video Games of 2011” adding F.E.A.R. 3 on that list mentioning that it lacks anything scary and rightly so.  Included on her list we also find Brink, L.A. Noire and Duke Nukem which is to say that after 3 video game specialists all agree, it’s a solid ‘razzie’ for all the games mentioned in our article here.  Sorry 2011 developers, you might want to actually add more to your games than just great photo’s and exciting cinematic sequences to promote your games, instead including more engaging content/story writing and more than a handful of voice-actors to spice up the end products.

 Let us know what you think in the comments below! 

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