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Nexuiz Review | XBLA

Powered by CryEngine 3, the tech behind Crysis 2, Nexuiz brings classic multiplayer FPS deathmatch from the classic days of Quake Arena and Unreal Tournament into the modern world on Xbox Live Arcade. But is this game living too much in the past to stand out in today’s crowded FPS genre? Read on to find out!

It’s time to party like it’s 1999 in Nexuiz, a multiplayer shooter that manages to accomplish what its designers apparently set out to do: Recreate the same kind of deathmatch vibe that Unreal Tournament gave us when it rocket-jumped onto PCs back at the tail end of the Grunge Decade.

Whether you find that goal admirable or completely pointless will go a long way toward determining whether you’re interested in scooping up a railgun and boost-jumping around the nine beautifully designed maps Illfonic has created for your retro enjoyment. Given that we currently have somewhere in the vicinity of 10 bazillion deeper multiplayer shooter options to choose from on the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3, something tells me the latter camp’s gonna outgun the former.

Boost-jump over to VGBlogger to read the review in full.

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