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Hockey games like NHL 12 tend to fly off shelves when they are launched, but does the latest entry from EA Sports cut the mustard for the next years addition? Aside from a plethora freezing issues, gamers are also experiencing getting bumped from online gameplay even during the 3rd period which can be both upsetting, frustrating, and downright annoying when it comes to trying to upgrade your NHL 12 Team Players. Here’s what the full review from our partners at ParanoidGamer have to say about NHL 12:

NHL 12 Gameplay Screenshot

NHL 12 Gameplay Screenshot

Every year, I usually have my complaints about whichever iteration of NHL game that I’m playing but this year they really got the gameplay down. The hitting has been completely revamped the past two years with more emphasis on realism. The system relies on a player’s weight, speed, and position to be effective; gone are the days of knocking down everyone on the ice. In addition to that, your player can actually fall down with the opposing player if you really hit your opponent hard.

If a player isn’t hit hard, they may stumble, fall to their knees or you may even fall down. The next big feature of the game is a great one and that is goalie interaction. You have to be careful not to even run into the goalie as now; you will get a penalty for any kind of contact unless you get pushed in by your opponent. While this feature can be frustrating, you can score some timely goals if you get in the goalie’s way enough.

The last big feature gameplay wise is the completely reworked puck physics; this is something that has put an entirely different feel to this year’s game. Players can miss rolling pucks, knuckle pucks can bounce off things and find their way into the net; and it just generally doesn’t feel as if the puck is stuck to you.

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