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Otomedius Excellent Review | Xbox 360

Bringing back Konami shooters in a big way, Otomedius Excellent hits the charts with some serious oomph. Check the trailer and preview video below and to find out more about exactly what Otomedius Excellent really is, our partners at VGBlogger have the full story:

otomedius excellent screenshot

An anime chick spin-off of the classic Gradius series, Otomedius Excellent brings retro shmup action to the Xbox 360. Unfortunately, Konami’s only tarnished the Gradius name by attaching it to this dull bullet hell side-scroller, a game that seems more interested in shoving big-chested females in the player’s face rather than giving players a fun gameplay experience. Let’s examine further.

In the side-scrolling shooter Otomedius Excellent, “B” stands for bullet hell.

It also stands for something else–but not what you’re thinking. No, really. Dude, why are you sniggering? The word I had in mind is “boring.”

And that’s not a word one typically associates with shmups, where the frantic shoot-and-dodge action, the screens filled with more projectiles than a Republican presidential debate, rarely if ever feels monotonous and soporific.

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