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Here is GameGuideDog’s Pikmin 3 walkthrough which will guide you from start to finish with strategy tips for this real-time strategy simulation game on the  intendo Wii U.

Pikmin 3 is the feverishly anticipated RTS game exclusively for Nintendo’s Wii U. This third installment in the Pikmin franchise is the direct sequel to Pikmin 2, which was released in 2004 on Nintendo’s GameCube. As with the previous Pikmin games, you will be in charge of a personal army of up to 100 Pikmin, each with their own special abilities that will enable them to perform various tasks at your bidding.

Let’s start the Pikmin 3 walkthrough with an introduction video from creator Shigeru Miyamoto!


Pikmin 3 Walkthrough

Pikmin 3 is a fully re-imagined, mass-action strategy title from the critically acclaimed Pikmin series. Players will discover a beautiful world filled with
strange creatures and take command of a swarm of ant-like Pikmin trying to survive. The world is densely packed with treasures and enemies, which makes the game much more action focused and fills it with layers of potential strategies and paths, adding greater replayability to challenge modes.

The game has been overhauled to match up to the Wii U’s graphics and capabilities, re-introducing you with four new main characters to the beautiful world filled with Pikmin, treasure, as well as various strange creatures and enemies; a world you must help the Pikmin to navigate and survive. As their leader, you can command them to build bridges, carry building materials, pick up fruit to carry back to the little spaceships, and defeat enemies. New Pikmin species have been introduced in this game, including the pink flying Pikmin, and the rock Pikmin. The Rock Pikmin can throw themselves at walls, barriers and objects to break or smash them, and come in handy if an enemy has a shell, as they can destroy the armor so the other Pikmin can take them down.

Pikmin 3 is much more action-oriented than its predecessors in the franchise, and also has a greater amount of variety when it comes to strategy. This is helped with the versatility of how you wish to play the game, as you can play with the Wii Motion Plus and Nunchuck combo, where shaking the Wii-mote throws your Pikmin, and shaking the Nunchuck makes your Pikmin charge. You can use the Wii U’s GamePad also, as it acts as an overhead map and radar, allowing you to track your Pikmin’s actions in real time. Controlling multiple groups of Pikmin at once is also easier thanks to the Wii U GamePad, making gameplay more fluid, as players can slide a finger across the touch screen to instantly switch between areas of the map. The amount of versatility offered when it comes to your personal play style with this game is improved with how intuitive the controls are, as now you can aim at objects directly, and can command your Pikmin armies in various different ways, depending on your strategy’s current requirements.

The Wii U GamePad also offers a replay feature when a player completes a stage, where it shows the entire map at once with the ability to fast forward, pause and rewind, so the player can re-watch the decisions and actions they made throughout the day and re-evaluate their strategy based upon that. Delve into the fun and beautiful world of the Pikmin once more, greatly and vastly improved thanks to the Wii U’s greater processing and HD capabilities and
GamePad. This highly updated game can now offer more options when it comes to game play, and allows you to completely personalize your own play style and strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Pikmin types are available in the game?

There are 7 different types of Pikmin and each one has its own special abilities – so be careful to choose the right kinds of Pikmin for the different puzzles and challenges that await you!

 These heat &
fire-resistant friends are the soldiers of the species – they’re highly
effective in a scrap! Has powerful attacks.

 The amphibious Blue
Pikmin move easily in water and love a good splash. Will never drown in water.
They can even attack underwater.

 The yellow fellows
get on well with electricity (immune to electricity) and travel further and
higher than the others do when thrown. They are also excellent diggers.

Pikmin (New Type!):
such as these are very hard, can’t be crushed if something stomps on them, and
pack a big wallop when flung! Throw ‘em when you want to break something; For
example, they can be used to smash through Crystal Walls.

Pikmin (New Type!):
little creatures can fly anywhere and they’ll happily ferry things around for
you or lift obstacles. They can even carry items over hazards.

 Strong but slow.
Makes a thud when thrown. – Note: This Pikmin only appears in Mission Mode
& Bingo Battle Mode.

 Small, fast, and
poisonous. Immune to poison. Can find hidden things. – Note: This Pikmin only
appears in Mission Mode & Bingo Battle Mode.

How many Pikmin can you take charge of?

Up to 100 Pikmin can follow your crew at once (any others you’ve collected will wait safely in the Onion) and your Pikmin party can be a mix of Pikmin types.
Once you’ve called Pikmin from the Onion you can use a whistle to call them to you, and they’ll happily follow your commands! Pikmin are intelligent creatures: throw them at something (they really don’t mind) and they’ll work out what t hey can do and start doing it.

At your command the Pikmin forces will carry heavy loads for you, break down barriers, build bridges, fight the local wildlife, and more! Of course, some
items are very heavy indeed, so you may need to assign a certain number of Pikmin before they can do anything.

What are the different gameplay modes available in Pikmin 3?

 This single player
mode follows the story of the
brave crew of the SS Drake’s search for food, and has a day/night cycle. Night
on the planet is extremely dangerous, so your team can only explore from dawn to
dusk. It’s up to you to use your days – and your Pikmin – wisely. While
there’s no strict limit on the number of days your mission can continue for,
if your crew run out of food they won’t be able to continue their exploration.

As the days go by you’ll open up new areas to explore, each offering their own particular puzzles, challenges, enemies, and even bosses! Thankfully, the
ginormous boss monsters don’t recover overnight: if you can dole out some damage today, you can go and finish them off tomorrow.

At the end of a day in Story Mode you can watch a replay of what you did on the KopPad. Watching this replay helps you figure out strategies and learn from your mistakes – why not try the day again for an even better result?

Connect your Wii U to the Internet, and you can compare your completion times and total numbers of Pikmin with other players around the world when you complete Story Mode.

Mission Mode: This solo or co-operative split-screen multiplayer mode allows a friend to join you to complete challenging objectives within a time limit.
Whether you’re trying to take down a boss before the timer runs out, or see how much treasure you can gather in a set period, you’ll need to keep your
eyes on the clock.

Connect your Wii U to the Internet and you can compare your score in both single-player and co-op Mission Mode with other players around the world.

Bingo Battle Mode: It’s competitive two-player bingo with an endearing Pikmin twist! Each player has a bingo grid filled with different items – simply be the first to complete a line (by getting your Pikmin to bring the right items back to your Onion) to win.

You can play this the clean way or get your hands dirty: will you go directly for the items you need, or sabotage your opponent by stealing their things? How
about upping the stakes by placing an instant win item (the momentous Victory Macaroon) on the field? Bingo has never been quite this exciting.

What are the control choices in Pikmin 3?

Pikmin 3 on Wii U supports a variety of control methods, so you can choose the play type that feels most comfortable for you. No matter which control scheme you choose, the Wii U GamePad becomes your trusty KopPad (but more on that in the next question and answer).

Wii U GamePad: Playing the game on the Wii U GamePad is similar to playing the other games in the series on Nintendo GameCube. No need to worry if the TV is in use when you’re playing solo, you can play on the GamePad only with Off-TV Play. Please note: Off-TV Play is not available in multiplayer.

Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuk: The Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuk control scheme offers an even more natural and intuitive version of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk scheme utilised in previous titles.

Wii Remote and Nunchuk: But if you prefer your trusty old Wii Remote and Nunchuk, then you can also play using the GamePad as a monitor.

Wii U Pro Controller: Pikmin 3 is also compatible with the Wii U Pro Controller.

What is the meaning of “KopPad” on the Wii U GamePad?

The Wii U GamePad becomes a handy information terminal called the KopPad, which shows the area you’ve already explored on the map, positions of your crew members and Pikmin, and more. You can scroll the map on the GamePad’s touch screen to see the area in detail on the tv screen, and if you scroll the map while selecting one of the characters you can even send them to a specific location automatically.

The KopPad also receives transmissions from other characters, has a Camera function so you can snap shots of your Pikmin, and displays useful info (like details on how many Pikmin you have in total, active and sitting quietly). At the end of the day in Story Mode you can watch a replay of your activities on the KopPad screen, and use this time to review your strategy for the next day.

Day 1

Welcome to the Pikmin 3 walkthrough! Ghostrobo will be your voice-over commentator showing you around the game’s levels.

Story Introduction: It’s the year 20XX. Planet Koppai is suffering from explosive population growth and its inhabitants’ typical lack of plan-ning has led to a severe food shortage. Desperate for a solution, Koppai sends probes into the far reaches of space – to discover that a planet codenamed PNF-404 appears to have sources of food!

Three experts are sent out on the spaceship Drake on the most important takeaway
mission ever (to bring back food to save Koppai) but they’re forced to crash
land on planet PNF-404’s surface! Separated by the crash, the crew search for
each other… though each of them runs into some friendly, helpful life forms
called Pikmin first.

As the crew explore they discover some fruit – but it’s way bigger than they
ever expected, so they decide to use the Pikmin’s* help to carry it back to
their ship. Back at the Drake the fruit is processed, extracting seeds to send
back to Koppai, and juice to feed the crew as they search for more fruit. Will
they gather enough food sources to save their home? Only time will tell!

Planet PNF-404 is home to curious creatures called Pikmin: in some ways
they’re like tiny animals, in others like little plants. They grow in the
ground, but when they’re pulled up these instantly loyal little folk will
follow your crew around and do all sorts of wonderful things for you. Just throw
them at something (they don’t mind) and off they go!

Character Introduction:
cheerful young chap is optimistic and very passionate about his work as the
Drake’s engineer. He has great admiration for Charlie, for some reason.

Pikmin Planting Tip: The Onion is a bit like the Pikmin spaceship – since all the different types of Pikmin hide inside it at nightfall too – but it also helps to make new Pikmin! Feed tasty things to it (like Pellets or downed enemies) and out will come a stream of Pikmin seeds that’ll plant in the ground, turning into Pikmin Sprouts. The more valuable something is, the more Pikmin Sprouts you’ll get for it. Uproot a Pikmin and it’ll become part of your squad!

Important note; The Pikmin seeds that come from the Onion usually match the
color of Pikmin that carried the object back.

Pikmin Growing Tip: Exploration note; Pikmin are life-forms that develop and grow. Leave a Pikmin buried in the ground (or let it feed on nectar) and it will develop from a leaf into a bud and finally a flower. The more a Pikmin grows, the faster it can do things!

Day 2

The next two levels will take place in the Garden of Hope.  Brittany Character Introduction: Brittany is the ship’s brilliant botanist. She’s reliable and strong-willed… though she doesn’t seem very disciplined when it comes to her appetite!

Wii U GamePad Tip: Use the “KopPad” to get a clear overview of the areas you have explored, and to see
where your squads are at any time!

You can also split your crew into three squads and switch between them to
explore in different directions at once. Using the touch screen on the KopPad
you can pick a place on the map and send a squad to that location automatically,
then choose another team and give them orders. Once you get the hang of
switching commanders you’ll get a lot more done!

Day 3

Get ready for the Armored Mawdad boss fight! There are some truly ginormous boss
monsters hiding on the Pikmin homeworld, consider carefully when choosing which
Pikmin to send against them. For example, to break through the Mawdad’s armor,
you’ll need Rock Pikmin so that you can attack the exposed skin of the boss
with the rest of your Pikmin (like the Red Pikmin).

Boss Corpse Tip: Boss enemy bodies will still be there the next day. Don’t miss the chance to increase
your Pikmin!

Day 4

The Captain, Charlie, becomes available on Day 4, in this tundra level. You can find
in him a cave, go in there with Yellow & Rock Pikmin to free him.

Charlie Character Introduction: Captain of the SS Drake, Charlie is responsible for all her crew. (Don’t say we told
you, but his feelings toward Brittany appear to go beyond the professional realm.)


Do you need help anywhere? Please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section
below. We’re here to help out!





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