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Pocket Butterflies Walkthrough Guide for iPhone

We discovered a nice set of instructions for the new lovely Pocket Butterfles game from Zhu Ning. Gather together your own nifty collection of original butterflies as well as bread them for interesting results. Below is a full outline for you to follow provided by GameZebo:

Pocket Butterflies – Game Introduction

Pocket Butterflies is an iPhone game developed by Zhu Ning that lets you collect and breed thousands of different colorful butterflies. Gamezebo’s Pocket Butterflies strategy guide and walkthrough will provide you with a quick start guide, tips and tricks, hints and cheats to help you collect them all.


Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

The game uses the OpenFeint gaming social network for some of its social features. This service is free to sign up for, however it’s not necessary to play the game.

Collecting and Breeding

  • You’ll start out with two locations: a habitat and a nursery. The two behave much the same, though there are some restrictions on what types of butterflies can be placed in each. Newborn butterflies have to remain in the nursery until they mature and mature butterflies can’t be moved back to the nursery once they leave.
  • Tapping on a butterfly will bring up a menu that shows all of the various ways in which you can interact with it. These include:
  • Catalog – this allows you to register any new butterflies in the catalog, where you can buy them at a later time. If you breed a new butterfly and sell it before cataloging it it won’t show up in the catalog.
  • Gift – You can send butterflies as gifts to friends playing the game. You can find friends either through OpenFeint, or via Twitter or Facebook.
  • Breed – breeding is the main way that you can find new types of butterflies. To breed you simply need to select two of your current butterflies and then an image list will show up displaying all of the possible outcomes of the breeding. You can select whichever one you want to join your collection. Breeding costs coins, and the price ranges depending on the type of butterflies.
  • Sell – since space in the habitat is limited, you’ll often want to sell butterflies. It’s also a good way to make some extra money, though be sure that you catalog them before selling.
  • Share – if you don’t want to part with a particular butterfly but still want to show it off to your friends, the share option lets you do just that. Just like with gifting, you can find friends through OpenFeint, Twitter, or Facebook.
  • Move – this option lets you move butterflies from one habitat to another.
  • Train – this takes you to a minigame where you can collect items and tame honeybees. Before you can access many of the butterfly options you’ll first need to train the bug. For an untrained butterfly the option menu will look like the above image.
  • From this menu you’ll also be able to see a butterfly’s level of both happiness and maturity. Happiness can be increased by using potions and decorating the habitat, while maturity steadily increases over time.

Training and Shopping

Read the full guide and download the game via the GameZebo site, and special thanks to them for posting this walkthrough.

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