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Pokemon Conquest Walkthrough | Nintendo DS

You’ve found the best place for the full officially approved Pokemon Conquest walkthrough which will guide you from start to finish for this action RPG Pokemon title, including all cutscenes, gameplay, special hidden secrets, bonus items, how to expand the experience and get unique items more easily.

It’s a new way to play Pokémon in a land filled with Warriors and Pokémon and the ties that bind them together. The main action of the game takes place on the battlefield where Pokémon fight in a turn-based, tactical battle system.

Be a Warlord, and control your Pokémon in battle! As a WClick here for the Pokemon Conquest Walkthrougharlord, you command other Warriors and their Pokémon in your army. All Warriors have a special ability they can use to help their Pokémon in battle, but Warriors are there to command the Pokémon on the field of battle. It is their Pokémon that move, fight, attack on the field of battle.

After beating the initial story and extra missions, many things may still slip by you. Exactly how does the XP wor? Do you get more based off actually defeating a pokemon or is it based off of damage? Also is defeating Warlord’s Pokemon better than defeating wild Pokemon?   Get all the granular details you’ll never find elsewhere with this complete online guide!


Over the years there have been quite a few Pokemon spin off games. Most felt like Nintendo was just squeezing this cash cow franchise and were mediocre at best. If you haven’t grown tired of the “Gotta catch em all“, which if your reading this review I’m guessing you haven’t, you will absolutely enjoy this title. First off this game in Japan was called Pokemon+Nobunaga’s Ambition and was developed by Koei. Many may not be familiar with the NES and SNES Nobunaga’s Ambition games or other Koei titles. For those familiar with them, you will see some of those elements in this game. Now the gameplay itself is not at all your standard Pokemon. You do not walk around catching Pokemon with Pokeballs. You travel by clicking on different locations on the map. Also the battles are not turn based, they are more like Final Fantasy Tactics where you move around the battlefield. While this is a big change to the series, it is done in an easily accessible manner. This was meant to be an entry level strategy RPG. Fans of the series will be happy to know that Pokemon types still play a huge role in being effective in battle. Also gone is the XP leveling, it is replaced by “Bond”. Bond is how well your Pokemon and warlord interact, and each warlord has a perfect Pokemon match you have to discover for best use.

In each kingdom you can only have six warlords, so you have to manage where you leave them and you can set them to do different tasks. Also it seems Nobunaga is out trying to take over kingdoms as well so you have to make sure you have a decent force in kingdoms you conquer so you don’t lose them.

The goal of the game is to take over all 17 kingdoms so the legendary Pokemon that created the land will reveal himself.  The battles are fun and most only take several minutes or less to complete.

So remember, if you are stuck stumped or frustrated don’t miss out on grabbing your own copy of this complete and online strategy guide by clicking on the book here to get the Pokemon Conquest Walkthrough!

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