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Puzzler Mind Gym 3D Review | Nintendo 3DS

Surprise! The Nintendo 3DS finally has its first of what will surely be many 3D Brain Age knock-offs to come. Is Puzzler Mind Gym 3D worth investing the necessary brain power to play? Let’s find out!

Puzzler Mind Gym 3D for 3DS Screenshot

Puzzler Mind Gym 3D for 3DS Screenshot

After Brain Age captivated the cranial matter of Nintendo DS gamers of all walks of life half a decade ago, the floodgates broke wide open on the brain training genre. The same is bound to happen on the 3DS now that the device is beginning to pick up steam following its drastic price drop, but for now Ubisoft’s Puzzler Mind Gym 3D owns the market.

Modeled in line with Professor Ian Robertson’s expert techniques for cognitive rehabilitation, Puzzler Mind Gym is a 90-day training course aiming to give that flabby brain of yours a rock-hard six pack and a sculpted pair of guns that would make Ron Burgundy weep into his scotch. Unfortunately, despite some respectable aspects the game falls short of this goal.

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