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Q.U.B.E. Review | PC

Sharing a similar visual style to puzzle game classic Portal, Q.U.B.E. takes the concept of a first-person puzzle game in a different direction. Using a special pair of gloves, players must  manipulate brightly colored cubes in order to escape increasingly difficulty puzzle rooms. Pretty cool. Let’s see if it’s actually a good game:

Some games try to accomplish a great deal and sometimes they feel like an enthralled Bilbo Baggins (“Sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread.”)  To translate from geek, some products try to be everything to everyone and come off as boring or generic.  Billed as a first-person puzzle game, Quick Understanding of Block Extrusion, or “Q.U.B.E.”, is a student project turned into a full retail product by the three members of Toxic Games with some help from the Indie Fund.  Q.U.B.E. is a highly focused game that knows what it does well and does only that, meaning that some players will adore it and others will want nothing to do with it.

As suggested by the name, the game involves a lot of cubes.  With no explanation of why, players will assume the first-person perspective of an unnamed and unseen man/android/alien/vampire/ghost/being that possesses a pair of hands and an ability to jump.  This creature finds itself in a room wearing – or has as hands – strange gloves that pop up on the screen when there is a thing to control.  Upon awakening and gaining cognizance of these black and white appendages, a room made up of white cubes is perceived.  Unless a player is content to stare at the room until the electric company shuts off his power and the computer screen goes dark, he’ll have to move forward to make something happen.

Follow the path of cubes (or this link) over to VGBlogger for their complete review!

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