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Rage Review | PC PS3 Xbox 360

Don’t fergit to get a load of our great Rage Walkthrough Strategy Guide right here at your friendly neighborhood GameGuideDog.  From buggy racin’ to old western style shootouts, well not old western, more like a new frontier of bandits, mutants and bizarre monstrosities, Rage from ID attempts to give you the best of every wasteland with a fully charges FPS/buggy shooting version of a Mad Max style world destroyed by a contaminated meteor.   Our personal opinion so far, lots of things lacking like opening cabinets and objects, but makes finding the glowing pickups less of a chore.

Exploration is not entirely free style, rather hunting around within the confines of whatever mapped areas you are given but still extremely widespread with lots and lots of detail impressive artwork for a destroyed planet of molten metal partial structures.  Lots of mini-games, racing (required), and the driving does not overly improve nor hinder our rating.

It’s an addition that is kind of fun but can get in the way if you are a first person shooter die hard.  However, the storyline being very Mad Max style oriented does feel like having the driving is important to the feel and lifestyle the tale leans towards. Overall, with our top leads first few hours of gameplay, GameGuideDog gives this title a 7 out of 10, but it still has much more to offer in the terms of further exploration and uncharted territory.  If the title doesn’t seem so limiting in this regard it could warrent an 8.5 out of 10 just for the sheer fun.

Wonder it’s worth a purchase?  A long time since Doom 3’s launch back in 2004, id Software has finally returned with its next game: Rage for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Blending FPS play with car combat and a post-apocalyptic setting, Rage is a change of pace from id’s typical Doom, Quake and Wolfenstein series. But is it as successful? Read on to find out!

When you first glance at Rage, you may be led to believe that it is id Software’s attempt at an open-world role-playing shooter, in the mold of such recent hits as Fallout 3 and Borderlands. Rage does show signs of inspiration from these games — mixed with a dash of Jak X-style dune buggy mayhem and a generous sprinkle of addictive item scavenging, à la BioShock. But make no mistake about it — Rage is a first-person shooter, not an RPG, not a free-roam sandbox of fetch quests and masses of loot to harvest.

Structurally, Rage is a prototypical, id-style corridor shooter consisting of many instanced levels connected to a larger overworld called — get this — the Wasteland. It’s Doom in Fallout’s clothing, basically. This Wasteland is an enormous setting visually, but in actual gameplay it is nothing more than a hub environment, serving as a go-between for the main mission levels and the town areas where you talk to mission-givers, chat with the locals, buy and sell gear, and gamble for extra cash in a slew of fun mini-games.

Read more of VGBlogger’s in-depth review for the full scoop.

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