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Resident Evil 4 HD Review | PSN XBLA

During its time, Resident Evil 4 was revered as an instant classic for modernizing and reshaping the future of the survival horror genre. It’s still an amazing game to this day, but it does show its age in the new HD re-release for PSN and XBLA.

Back in 2005, just as the Nintendo GameCube was entering its “All My Children” stage, the cats at Capcom dropped a big bomb on Big N’s little square box: Resident Evil 4, a game that stood most of the survival-horror series’ conventions on their head and gave the genre a parasite-infected shot to the jugular.

RE4 was a big deal for several reasons, and most of them have to do with the real estate agent’s best friend: location. It was the first ResEvil game to shift the action from the tired urban decay of Raccoon City to, quite literally, a location in the middle of nowhere. More specifically, somewhere in the wilderness of rural Europe, where the terror’s only amplified by the fact that the hostile, Las Plagas-addled locals don’t even speak your language. Good thing Leon S. Kennedy, our wispy-coiffed hero, isn’t dense enough to mistake “Voy a matar!” for “Dude, nice vest!” It was also the first entry in the series to plant the camera over the hero’s shoulder, locking you into a third-person view. (This turned out to be both a good and a bad thing.)

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