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Saints Row: The Third Review | PC PS3 Xbox 360

THQ and Volition are back with their third Saints Row,  a gang-banging sandbox crime romp that’s somehow even crazier than the two previous trips to Stilwater combined. Only fun times to be had in this game, playa.  We’ve provided a few writeups for Saints Row: The Third, but it’s a good time to tap into our knowledgeable partners for even more intense details. This time around VGBlogger has the story:

It’s not 2004 anymore.  I know it might be a little difficult to hear for some people, but that was eight years ago.  Two presidential terms ago.  Thirty-two changes of the seasons, enough time for a human being to be conceived and develop an independent desire to “catch ‘em all” and ask embarrassing questions about the birds and the bees.  No matter how you look at it, that was a long time ago.

The reason I point this out is that 2004 is when Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was released.  The scope of that game was impressive, as was the range of customization options that were available to players to make it so that your Carl Johnson looked nothing like my CJ.  One person might have created a silly looking guy to contrast with the hardcore gangsta shit and create a perpetual joke or an obese man with poor clothing choices not fit for the streets. Others might have taken the narrative and setting more seriously.  This is quite a step in customization from GTA3‘s “silent dude in leather jacket” tooling around Liberty City.  (Historian’s note:  It was revealed some time later that this character’s name was actually Claude.  What was not revealed was what mind-erasing, Stygian horror caused him to lose his voice from shock.  Maybe he’s Black Bolt’s clone.)

Since that time, Rockstar has taken a step in GTAIV towards the realm of the slightly more realistic, grittier crime game.  That left a void for an unrealistic, over the top, almost cartoonish, open-world crime game.  The first Saints Row filled that gap as well as the gap of no open-world crime games on the then new Xbox 360.  The second game introduced the ability to play as a lady and upped the crazy, a lot.  While Volition, Inc. has not introduced a strange and oddly-alluring new third gender in the latest Saints Row (a missed opportunity) they have continued the tradition of making things even more over the top and have actually managed to increase the immersion in the game.  It is the most impressive game of its kind, and by kind I mean the kind of game for which your 2004, just-cleared-everything-in-San Andreas self pines.

Grab yo gat and drive by VGBlogger for their in-depth Saints Row: The Third review.

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