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ScaryGirl Review | XBox Live Arcade

Understandably, here is a ‘casual’ appearing video game title that may have gone overlooked but is definitely worth checking out.  From an innovative and creative game style, design and graphic presentation, ‘ScaryGirl’ gives you something not found elsewhere.  Since the title is available for download on XB Live, we recommend checking out the review from our partners at TheControllerOnline to find out more and see if it’s really something you wouldn’t want to miss.

Artist Nathan Jurevicius’ ScaryGirl started as a web comic that spawned a graphic novel, a toy line and a browser game. On January 18th her strong following and unique style are coming to the Xbox Live Arcade courtesy of Tik Games. If you’re like me, and haven’t heard of ScaryGirl before now go look her up. The art is quite striking and deserves a look even if you’re not going to play the game. Now that we’ve cleared that up, we have a game to talk about.

Read the full review at The Controller Online.

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