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Section 8 Prejudice Walkthrough | PC | PS3 | XBox 360

Section 8 Prejudice Walkthrough

Section 8 Prejudice Walkthrough

Our Section 8 Prejudice walkthrough guides you from start to finish on this first person shooter published by TimeGate Studios for Xbox Live arcade. It’s a Sci-Fi FPS with an edge. Entry points are not ‘spawned’ rather you can select any area on a map and drop from your airship and actually guide yourself on down to the ground and after a somewhat unrealistic summersault your up and running in FPS mode.

The game itself has very obvious similarities to games like Halo or say Black on the original XBox for example due to the weaponry being much more realistic, yet still with a sci-fi backddrop, along with a nice HUD with objective markers and bounty goals having a ‘superfast’ running mode and being able to jump extremely long distances (via jetpacks) are not only time savers, but make the game much more fun and enjoyable overall.

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By keeping your eyes on the sky and your HUD you can position yourself quite well based on your own drop point to hold or take over a particular installation. You can order other allies to land down in your zone for assist. So with the incoming enemy forces vs your own strategically placed assists, the game does start to look and feel quite a bit like Halo however, the weapons, mods, upgrades to several other pieces of equipments like: detpacks, beacons, and mortars, have an improvement feel to them based on your level of expertise. Advanced mortars for example give choices like a crash mortar, napalm mortar, or riot mortar.

Giving these improvements over equipment makes the playability overall less redundant and more challenging allowing a true FPS die hard enjoy many more hours of gameplay instead of feeling that you are just the right strength for just the right enemies for example.

The above writeup is based on a multiplayer ‘swarm’ mode, however there is a single player campaign mode which you can also get the full walkthrough for from GameGuideDog, and a worthy set of Section 8 Prejudice walkthrough videos is located here:

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