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Sniper Elite V2 Walkthrough Game Strategy Guide | PC PS3 XBox 360

Sniper Elite V2 WalkthroughGrab the Sniper Elite V2 walkthrough video game strategy guide here! Sniper Elite 2 is a third person tactical WWII shooter and the sequel to 2005’s Sniper Elite.

Navigating through the thick and slippery terrain you manage across explosive mines and taken refuge in trees to man your position.  Using the Sniper Elite V2 Walkthrough video game strategy guide will grant you expert intel that keeps you better informed on all tips and tricks to successfully accomplishing all missions.


Sniper Elite V2 plunges you into war-torn Berlin during the final frenzied battle between German and Russian forces during World War II. As a skillful sniper, you are enlisted to carry out dangerous and deadly missions throughout Berlin. Aside from high-powered weapons, you’ll require skill, patience and cunning to accomplish you mission. While experiencing the anticipation and pressure of the hunt, you’ll face life-changing choices that range from firing the perfect shot that will leave you exposed to snaking along a more difficult route in order to continue your mission.

Key Features:

  • Sight-in your scope and load your rifle for an adrenaline-pumping, realistic sniping experience in the heart of war-torn Berlin
  • Use skill, patience and cunning to accomplish your mission while handling the anticipation and pressure of the hunt and facing life-changing decisions
  • Take gravity, wind, velocity, bullet penetration, aim stability and more into account as you sight-in your target in this realistic simulation of military sharpshooting
  • Experience the gratification of knowing where your shot traveled with the return of the bullet cam which follows the bullet on its full trajectory from barrel to target in a slow-motion sequence
  • Witness the gory details with the amazing X-ray Kill Cam which shows what happens when your bullet enters an enemy’s body — see hearts and lungs tear, livers burst, bones and teeth shatter and entrails fall out
  • Arm yourself and take down your targets with authentic weapons such as the Springfield M1903, the Gewehr 43 and the Mosin-Nagant 1891/30
  • Explore authentic World War II Berlin locations, and dress your character with uniforms modeled after the originals
  • Take advantage of the environment around you to move into position, observe the prey, take the shot and slip away unnoticed
  • Make tough choices while in the battlefield, from firing the perfect shot that will leave you exposed to taking a more difficult route that will allow you to continue your mission
  • Sequel to 2005’s Sniper Elite

Using the complete Sniper Elite V2 Walkthrough you will have total expertise as your fingertips with complete instructions that will guide you from start to finish for this action third person shooter

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