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SONY PS Vita set for 2012 launch | More Game Pipeline Planning

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Sony has had a tough year from the PSN Hack to the terrible tradgedy in Japan, it’s most certain that the high profile NYSE:SNE company is utilizing top strategies to insure a solid release and it doesn’t appear to be too concerned about any drop or loss in sales for this coming holiday season.

Sony executive vice president Kaz Hirai confirmed in an Associated Press report Thursday that the PlayStation Vita won’t arrive in Europe or the U.S. until 2012. It still will release in Japan before the calendar year is out, but Hirai said his company wants to make sure the device has a solid lineup of games to release alongside the system.

Market anylisists speculate that the delay is possibly due to the 3DS price drop, but a spokesperson for Sony denies this claim and plans to release PS Vita at full price will stay in place.  There is no correlation for the delay and Nintendo’s choices per Sony officials and reports that the the main reason for the delay is primarily for the consumer to have enough selection at launch for the extremely high profile gadget which is also quite reasonably priced at $250 or $300 for the AT&T model.  When considering a simple blackberry or iPhone can cost much more than that, the price point seems right on the mark.  As a matter of fact, with the anticipation and die hard collectors who no doubt will get their own by either going to Japan or having friends send them overseas, the price point itself might feel meager for most, considering a positive economic turnaround for the US by next years 2nd or 3rd quarter.

Sony PS Vita in use at E3

We see the Sony PS Vita in use at E3

Further details:

While the security breach didn’t cost the company the billions some expected it to, the loss of consumer confidence did translate to poor console sales. Sony sold just below 2 million PlayStation 3s in the second quarter, down from close to 2.5 million during the same period in 2010. The company suffered a net loss of nearly $200 million and could use a major new product to spice up sales in the back half of the year. Its new portable device, the PlayStation Vita, fits the bill nicely as one of late 2011′s biggest gadgets. That is, it would if it were coming out this year.”   This may be true, however considering the 3D bundles Sony is pushing for holiday 2011, one may have impeded on the other, and a 3D TV game set is a bigger ticket item making that their cash cow.  See this report: Sony 3D Bundles just Exposed

Quoted reporting Via InvestorPlace

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