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Sony’s Big E3 Announcements


Playstation LIfestyle has written up a pretty thorough breakdown of the history of E3 dating back as far as 1995, check it out after the jump.  We had to include this in todays news since regular updates on E3, live from the source are going to be streaming in to you right from your friendly GameGuideDog.


The general consensus among gaming media and fans alike is that E3 2011 could be Sony’s biggest showing in the history of the PlayStation brand.


E3 2011

So far, Sony has been a lot quieter than in the past. Part of that is due to the PlayStation Network data breach. The only game Sony has revealed thus far is Starhawk, but we’re sure there are more games to be announced. In fact, we have an appointment with an unannounced Sony PS3 exclusive at this year’s E3.

Additionally, we expect updates on Sony’s first-party lineup, though, most of the show will be dedicated to the NGP, Sony’s successor to the PlayStation Portable.

Via Playstation Lifestyle

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