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Soul Calibur V Review | PS3 XBox 360

From exciting imagery and fascinating imagination, the latest Soul Calibur V entry really does deliver something for SC fans and newcomers alike.  When it comes to battling with accuracy and fantastic combinations, Ivy’s got whatever you need and she’s ready to deliver.  Also don’t forget to check out every combo insider trick in the book with our Soul Calibur V Walkthrough.  Want to know if it’s really as good as we’ve all hoped? Our partners at TheControllerOnline have the full story below:

Fighting games are strange beasts, they attract rabid fan bases, spawn competitive leagues and are a complete mystery to those on the outside. If you ask me though, the Soul Calibur series has always been the one that anyone could pick up and have at least some success with. Soul Calibur V keeps the tradition alive by being both easy to pick up but difficult to master. A number of changes have come along with this entry in the series and I think you’ll like some of them. Some others, I’m not so sure.

Read more at The Controller Online.

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