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SoulCalibur V Opening Sequence | Video and the Shameless Boob Promo

Just thought everyone would get a kick out of the opening scene for SoulCalibur V.   As reported recently, in Japan it’s a great idea to get people to play violent video games by dazzling them with boobs.  The thumbnail image on this article may very well prove that point. Also don’t forget to check out our SoulCalibur V Walkthrough Guide.  Um, yes please ignore the size of Ivy’s shiny top for a moment and you’ll find the video. Just an FYI, the first image below was a spoof ad, not the real deal.  However the overall campaign for SC V has had some very intense innuendo (see fig 2) .




Check out the size of that sword in the video… it’s a big as a fricken tree!   Have a great weekend everyone!

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