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Spec Ops: The Line Walkthrough | PC PS3 XBox 360

Welcome to the Spec Ops The Line Walkthrough which will guide you from start to finish for the latest 3rd person shooter released by 2k Games, covering all cutscenes, gameplay, intel, tactics and everything you’ll ever need!

Click here for the Spec Ops The Line WalkthroughAll the reviews tag the online as generic and doesn’t match the quality of the story. I’d say go in it for the story and think of online as a bonus. However one thing to note is that they plan on releasing co-op mode.

Yes you are in Dubai but the story is similiar to Homefront. Mostly dark and violent overtones which is to be expected. 15 chapters long, this walkthrough covers every last detail to get you the most blood out of your gaming experience.

The main characters are well portrayed, and as the gameplay is smooth and solid, the overall experience gives the result of a very realistic re-enactment. It only takes 1-3 shots to kill and be killed which is what this guide will assist you with in regards to keeping you alive and out of harms way (as much as possible of course.)

The sand is big part of the game. Sand storms come out of no where, you can shoot glass ceilings and walls and sand will kill any enemies close by. Gun fire is great(not so much online). When you get head shots it goes Slow mo to see the blood splatter. Also on some kills you put the enemie down and you can execute them, or they just lay there and squirt blood.
From the publisher:

Spec Ops: The Line is an action-packed Third-Person Shooter that delivers heart pounding physically close combat through a squad-based play mechanic. Players lead a team of three characters, Captain Martin Walker, Lieutenant Adams and Sergeant Lugo. Each character has his own distinct personality and specialized skills, and the mature story they each play a role in explores the dark side of war in a realistic way, in which there are no good outcomes, only hard choices. As missions are completed more advanced weapons and equipment are made available. In addition, the desert environment of Dubai is brought into the game in a unique way with stunning visuals, and dynamic sandstorms that actively effect level designs, and which can be used to help and hinder progress. The vertical interiors of Dubai high rise buildings also provide tactical advantages and risks that can used be by players. Multiplayer campaigns bring new modes and unusual situations and environments to expand the single player experience.

So remember, if you are stuck, stumped, frustrated, or just want better ideas to stay alive, looking for hidden weapon upgrades and secrets and want more from your game, make sure to get your own copy of the Spec Ops The Line walkthrough right here!

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