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Square Enix locates Deus Ex Leak

Deus Ex Screenshot

Deus Ex Screenshot

Prior to E3, an Italian video game magazine was given carte blanche to toy with the Dues Ex demo. After being given a preview of Deus Ex, this particular gaming magazine exploited and violated their confidentiality agreement by sharing the demo out on a P2P network? Bad form, unprofessional, and truly unnecessary if this is true.

Square Enix has accused 15 Italian nationals of leaking a preview version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution in late May.

It’s alleged that individuals logged into the secure file share using the authorised account of Italian video game magazine GMC. This was done without the permission or knowledge of the GMC writer and from an IP address not associated with GMC. The accused then distributed the game using third-party peer to peer file sharing.

Full story at VideoGamer

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