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Steel Battalion Heavy Armor Walkthrough | XBox 360

Grab the full and complete Steel Battalion Heavy Armor Walkthrough strategy guide from GameGuidedog which guides you from start to finish for this action packed Kinect revival, that includes all cutscenes, strategic opportunities, special weapons, secrets and more!

Click here for the Steel Battalion Heavy Armor WalkthroughThe first such wave crashes hard over your head during the very first mission. Fresh out of the tutorial, you storm a beach in your two-legged vertical tank and meet with a vicious barrage of enemy fire. You’ve just learned the basics of how to operate your VT in a controlled environment, and now you are called upon to pull all your knowledge together on the crucible of combat. Shells crash into you from all directions while radio chatter crackles with unclear orders. It’s a brutal beginning, and one that is totally out of step with the missions to come. Many later levels offer shorter, simpler, and more accessible objectives, leaving you to wonder why Steel Battalion is so eager to separate the masochistic wheat from the impatient chaff.

Although many have written bad reviews, people have to remember that this is a COMPLEX game. Look at its predecessor, with an over 80 button controller. If you have patience to learn the motions, fine tune your Kinect set up, then this game can be amazing. This is one of the first mainstream mech games in a while and I thoroughly enjoy it. Story and camaraderie can be intrical to your gameplay if you so choose. First true core game for the Kinect. If you’re looking for a use for your dusty Kinect, look no further!!

So again if you are stuck, stumped, or frustrated, make sure to get the full strategy guide by clicking on the book to the left for the complete Steel Battalion Heavy Armor Walkthrough!

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