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Super Mario 3D Land Walkthrough, Details and Review | Nintendo 3DS

Many months after its sluggish launch in March, the Nintendo 3DS finally has the big-name exclusive it’s needed to give the software lineup a boost for the holidays. Super Mario 3D Land is that game, and in traditional Mario fashion it’s an absolute gem.

Click for the officially approved Super Mario 3D Land Walkthrough

If you’ve seen the gameplay videos or even the commercials example, many may figure this would be a watered-down Mario Galaxy title, but boy is that wrong.  The videos DO NOT do the game justice. This is the first Mario video game release that harnesses the original legendary nostalgia the series exhibited back in the days of NES.   Additionally, the New Super Mario Bros. Wii also just about hits the mark, however Super Mario 3D Land nails it perfectly.


Click here for the Super Mario 3D Land Walkthrough

Click here for the Super Mario 3D Land Walkthrough


If you don’t own a 3DS yet this is a good time to grab one. Super Mario 3D Land comes included in a RED release bundles ($199.99 USD), as well as Zelda Ocarina of Time coming with a unique Black 3DS design bundle ($199.99(, and just yesterday many stores started carrying the PINK 3DS bundle ($169.99 USD) that includes a Nintendogs game without extra cost for the game like the other two.


Super Mario 3D Land delivers a memorable original game worth playing on the 3DS, comprising everything gamers adore from Super Mario Bros 1 and 3, and Super Mario 64. From superb control design to level structuring, every aspect of this game retains the fun and charm of the original NES Mario titles that many cherish from their earlier gaming days.

When Princess Peach gets snatched by Bowser—totally shocking and unexpected, I know–—Mario always jumps to the rescue. Being forced to rescue his parent company’s hardware releases? That’s a more recent development.



And it’s exactly what’s happened with the Nintendo 3DS. Debuting to King Boo-sized hoopla and fanfare way back in March of this year, Nintendo’s shiny new toy promptly slipped to many gamers’ back burners, thanks to an almost criminal lack of buzz-worthy launch titles.



And as always, enter Mario. Super Mario 3D Land, the perky plumber’s latest classic/modern opus, has given gamers a great reason to blow the layers of dust off and recharge their 3DS.


Hop on over to VGBlogger to read the full review!


Here’s a Super Mario 3D Land Gameplay Walkthrough Video

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