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Super Stardust Delta Review | PS Vita

Another top early PS Vita title that’ll wear out those dual analog stick thumbs of yours is Super Stardust Delta, the latest twin-stick shoot ’em up from Housemarque. It’s the perfect neon-explosion-filled showcase for the Vita’s gorgeous display and so addictive it’ll suck you back in for more like an anti-grav tractor beam.

Twin-stick shooters simply weren’t possible on the PlayStation Portable. (Ed. Note: They were possible, just not very good.) Sony’s initial drive into Handheld City only featured a single, sad analog nub, and lo, fans of the genre were forced to troll for their adrenaline fix on major consoles, and, more recently, settle for substandard control schemes on the iPad and iPod Touch. (They’re not called single-stick shooters, after all.)

As we’re all well aware, the PlayStation Vita comes equipped with that key second stick, and lo, the horizons of Robotron-flavored possibility open up like Charlton Heston parting a special-effects Red Sea. Exhibit A is the downloadable Super Stardust Delta, the Vita’s version of Housemarque’s neon-colored Pop Rock cocktail of Asteroids, Space Invaders and Geometry Wars. Even though the gameplay’s as familiar as the grooves in your thumb, this is a game that shows how gorgeous Vita graphics can look on its sizable screen, as well as how unobtrusive the handheld’s new control scheme can be. Oh, and the decision to let the player decide whether they’d like to test-drive the new touch controls or just stick with the sticks? Rock solid.

Blast your way over to VGBlogger for the final verdict.

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