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Terra Online Walkthrough | Complete Game Strategy Guide

Terra Online Walkthrough | Officially Approved Strategy Guide

With the complete Tera Online Walkthrough for the MMO RPG you will learn everything you need to get from start to finish including all items, maps, and strategies to beat your friends.

Tera Online Walkthrough Strategy GuideTera Online is the new Role Playing MMO from BlueHole Studio and the GameGuideDog Tera Online Walkthrough Strategy Guide provides all the in depth details including all quests, sidequests, crafting, plotpoints, PvP Battles, and combinations that will get you up to snuff the first time with the success and command that will keep the full experience much more rewarding.

From the Manufacturer:

  • Enter the world of Tera as one of seven player races, each with its own history, lore, and point of view. These are the races of the Valkyon Federation, leading the way into a new era of unity as they face a battle for their very existence.
  • The eight player classes of Tera each contribute their own style of combat, their own method and approach to tactics, and their own unique abilities in solo and group play. Get to know them here-their fighting styles, their tools, and their talents.
  • Tera is a world born of conflict. It’s a place where gods scheme, armies clash, and the world can change in the blink of an eye. Thousands of years have passed since the two titans, Arun and Shara, lay down and dreamed the world and its inhabitants.
  • Your enemies are many and varied. Some are strong, some are intelligent-all are dangerous. Consider this your pre-mission briefing on beasts and bad guys. Get to know them, where they come from, and how they fight.
  • The world of Tera began millennia ago when two titans of unimaginable power, Arun and Shara, met in a formless void. For reasons we can only guess, they fell asleep. And as they slept, Tera took shape around them.
If you find yourself stuck stumped or frustrated, get the complete game help guide  that will get you from start to finish including all cutscenes, cinematics, secrets, and more!  Grab your online copy of the Tera Online Game Walkthrough!

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