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Tetris: Axis Review | Nintendo 3DS

The popularity of Tetris is a bit of an odd phenomenon and when it comes to hand held portable versions, there are hundreds if not thousands of ‘Tetris like’ clones and adaptations.  When  it comes to Nintendo, this seems to be one of their biggest selling points on almost every system they’ve released across the board. Keeping Tetris alive is probably a smart move and most people including gamers alike are probably not aware that just finding a standard DS copy of Tetris at a retail outlet is near to impossible and requires ample waiting time unless ordered online or from a collector.   (~GameGuideDog Editor)

Tetris has been around for ages, yet new iterations are still coming out damn near every year. The latest installment brings the classic puzzler into the realm of 3D exclusively on Nintendo 3DS. The question is: has this Tetris learned enough new tricks to make it worth buying over the many other versions on the market?

Tetrix Axis for 3DS Screenshot

Tetrix Axis for 3DS Screenshot

The last time I played a game of Tetris, I came away ready for the series to “just go away already” and leave well enough alone. A year later, I’m hooked on Tetris like the good old days of 8-bit NES blocks and the even cruder black-and-white Tetrimino dropping seen on the original Game Boy. It’s funny how things can turn around so quickly with a simple change of venue and a few key mode additions.

Tetris: Axis, developed exclusively for Nintendo 3DS, ticks off all the traditional Tetris boxes. Tetriminos float down the screen in various shapes, sizes and colors, and, using the D-pad to move and face buttons to rotate, it’s your job to manipulate them into complete lines to clear blocks before they pile up too high and fill up the play area. The longer you play, the faster the blocks fall and the more challenging it becomes to survive death by a thousand falling shapes. Come on now, do I really need to explain how Tetris is played at this point?

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