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The Amazing Spider-man Walkthrough | PC PS3 Wii XBox 360

This is the complete and online guide for The Amazing Spider-Man Walkthrough which will get you from start to finish for this epic action superhero adventure from Activision based on the new movie release.  One of the best super hero games one will  play. This game borrows heavily from Batman from Rocksteady, but to great effect. This title has many moments where you feel like you’re playing Spiderman with a Batman: Arkham City Template underneath. In an early mission, it even has a Correctional Prison Facility with crazy Asylum inmates. Some key highlights:

Click here for The Amazing Spider-man Walkthrough-Controls are buttery smooth and responsive with plenty of freedom to swing, sprint up walls, evade, leap, freefall and more. Incredible job. No twitchy on foot as in Spiderman 2.
-The behind the shoulder camera view is excellent and for the first time in an open city Spiderman game, makes you feel like Spiderman, seeing things from a close but comfortable 3PV, increasing the intensity and the sense of “Being there”, in the game compared to previous efforts where Spiderman was a tiny character onscreen. Think of the views from Batman Arkham City/Asylum.
-Fights are modeled directly after Rocksteady’s Batman Games and are a blast because of it. Spidy is no push over with some amazing martial arts acrobatic fighting skills. Fast and action packed.
-The swinging skills are fast and fluid. Spidy’s a pro from the start.
-Plenty of Batman-like upgrades for Spidy’s skills to upgrade.
-Crackdown like leaping/jumping fun, collecting comics instead of orbs.
-Plenty of major villains with clever boss battles.
-Reasonable representation of NYC’s Manhattan.
-interiors look good along with the main characters.
-Plenty of traffic, but needs Driver:SF dense pedestrians to feel like NYC streets.
-Manhattan is a very large playground with streets, parks, and plenty of skyscrapers to leap from and climb.
-3 difficulty levels. Casual, Medium, Hardcore. Decent options.
-Nice city sound FX for ambience.
-Very responsive and helpful look camera from all angles.
-Spiderman’s trademark moves captured to near perfection with comic book style.
-Assassin’s Creed like platforming/vaulting.
-Sight see easily on helicopters.
-Awesome sense of freefalling.
-Solid voice acting and interesting story.
-Plenty to see, do and explore with freedom and side missions.
-Home base is your apartment, and you can replay interiors.
-Great draw distance for the city as far as the eyes can see.
CONTROLS: Left analog move, right analog look, X is jump, square is punch/attack, triangle is interact with objects, circle is web shoot, Right shoulder is web target travel (very cool and intuitive), right bumper is web swinging, select is map/upgrades, start is pause menu.

So again, if you are stuck stumped or frustrated make sure to click on the strategy book on this page and get your own copy of The Amazing Spider-man walkthrough!

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