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The Genius of Dr. Robotnik | GameAspect

Charles J. Johnson reflects on Dr. Robotnik Flexing his superior intellect – “Dr. Robotnik is one of video games most iconic evil geniuses. With a supposed I.Q of 300, the bald menace has created thousands of machines to combat his spiky haired nemesis, and I give the fat man credit.

Unlike Ganon or that turtle-dinosaur hybrid Boswer, Robotnik has the cajones to come fight you at the end of every level like a man’s man. While his manliness gets him some points, the machines that he created have caused us to scratch our head and wonder what he was thinking, and if his I.Q. is really as high as he claims, particularly during his first outing.”

Charles J. Johnson is an up and coming freelance writer with a love for video games, music and pretty much anything else that doesn’t impress women. He mostly works with console games and really, really likes Led Zeppelin. Almost a little too much.

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