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The last of us walkthrough member review:

This guide is great! The maps at the beginning of each chapter are nicely detailed and relatively easy to determine where on the map your character is. All of the information about hidden collectables/parts/supplements is easy to find in the guide. The collectable info has its own section at the end of the guide that you can easily flip to if you’re playing through and just want to make sure that you grab everything as you go. The collectable info is also shown in their respective sections in the guide and, usually, they’re easy to make sure you grab as you follow along.

Notice that I said “usually.” Because of the way the guide is organized, instead of saying “walk through the door on the left, grab some parts from the office and Artifact #15 from the desk,” the guide says “walk through the door on the left and grab some parts from the office” and then an inset says “Artifact #15: Roland’s Fence Plan” with details on where to find it. For the most part, this is fine, the artifact’s inset catches your eye and you don’t miss it. But, I have had more than one occasion where I will be following along with the guide and the guide says “go through the door and listen to the conversation.” I go through the door, the door closes behind me, the characters talk, I turn the page in the guide and see “Artifact 32: Something About Survival: ‘before you go through the door, make sure you grab this artifact from underneath the table.'” At this point, I need to go back to whenever I manually saved the game last (because, of course, it autosaved when I walked through that door) and work my way through in order to get one piece of paper.

So, as I said, the guide is very detailed and a great resource, but if you’re trying to collect every single thing on your play through, make sure you either save very often , under multiple save files, or read a whole page ahead in the guide before you go through any door.


The Last Of Us Questions and Answers FAQ:



Asked: 3 weeks ago

Day one story DLC?

How do i get to the story DLC? is it even out? According to news sources the game will receive a story dlc the day it comes out, but i received no notification that it installed or even in my game? any suggestions?


From: XVanquisitor 2 weeks ago

There is now a SEASON PASS to access future three DLCs, the release dates for these DLCs aren’t yet confirmed but will be outside of The Last of Us release window.

What you do get is 4 minor tweaks instantly, like quicker 9mm reload. Though there is a making of documentary video which you unlock.

DLC and season pass aren’t exactly a same thing, as with former you download/unlock contents, whereas the latter provide you a discount for the future numbers of DLCs, which may include a day 1 DLC but not always.

Are you sure?
Well, I’m not really active on gaming news but I’m sure there are no day one dlcs

From: Tamarisk_green 3 weeks agoAnswer

DLC is available now, and here is proof:

You access this DLC by going in the PlayStation Store from your XMB menu.


Asked: 2 days ago

Was the infection a natural disaster or a type of virus created by someone?

This may have been explained at some point of the game, but I was wondering if somebody can explain it to me.

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From: jonnovision1 1 day agoAnswer

An artifact found relatively early on explains that it originated from a fungus.


Asked: 2 days ago

The last of us language help!?

i live in europe and i bought the last of us, but the europe edition comes with the portuguese from Portugal, but i want the portuguese from Brazil.
Does anybody knows a way to change?

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From: SuperMegaDave 2 days agoAnswer

If the game does not provide you with the language setting option you require it might be impossible to set it.

From: SoulSnare 8 hours agoAnswer

I believe when you start up the game for the first time you get options to pick the language., also you can change it on the menu.


Asked: 3 days ago

The cut scene at the ranch where you go to find Ellie is not triggering?

Ellie ran off on her horse. Tommy and Joel have pursued her past the bandits and to the ranch. I went through every room of the house, and lo and behold upstairs there is a door that is slightly ajar. I had an inkling that something was going to happen as I got close – but nothing. No prompts for an action on my part. I tried running at it, crouch walking, swinging my weapon, firing a few rounds, and nothing.

If anyone else has experienced this and managed to overcome it, please advise 🙂


From: sevenneves 3 days ago

Alright, I figured it out for myself, but perhaps this can be of some use to someone in the future.

I reloaded the encounter, and this time was more “aggressive” in my search. Joel kicked the door open to the ranch, and dialogue ensued with Ellie telling me she was “up here”. Previously I had entered in a stealthy fashion, so if it’s more than a coincidence – don’t stealth through the house!


Asked: 6 days ago

**SPOILER** where there other people with the same immunity as Ellie?

I always thought that no, Ellie is one of a kind, but there are so many people saying that there were others with the same immunity as well.

At the end you find a tape where the doctor says something about “other patients” and that “their death – or worse – will not be in vain”. Could those other patients share the same immunity?

On the other hand at the same tape the doctor says something like “Marlene is right, I`ve NEVER seen something like this” which makes me believe that only Ellie has the immunity.

Still, I may be missing something….




From: nickstatricksta 5 days agoAnswer

As far as they are concerned, Ellie is the only one with it. I would have to say there might be others somewhere out there in the world but none are present to the characters in the game. Plus it would be hard to figure out someone had the immunity because the only way they would be able to figure out if they did is if someone got bit, and at that point other survivors would kill you before waiting for you to turn into infected.

So no there aren’t but probably are.

From: Narutaru86 5 days agoAnswer

nickstatricksta is right. Another thing to say is that Ellie is not exactly “immune” but is the fungus that has mutated after infecting Ellie.

From: xSNAKExPLISKENx 4 days agoAnswer

It’s a story guys only naughty dog know the answer to that…they could and can do what they like with the story lol the world a big place, this is only set in the U.S.A. sooo it’s very plausible that theirs others.

lastthumbFrom: Axzulo 1 day agoAnswer

Like many other people, I believe that there were also other people immune, but they were killed in the process of trying to find a vaccine. This leads me to believe that Joel made the right choice of saving Ellie, because the exact same thing could have happened to her, with no new development in the research, meaning she’ die, basically for nothing!

That recording could easily have been about a different patient. I find it a bit odd that after having Ellie for such a short time, that the Fireflies would be recording messages and leaving them around. I’m not saying it’s not about Ellie, but I BELIEVE it is not. Feel free to message me if you wish to discuss this topic further.

From: TempyTown 1 day agoAnswer

I feel like the game made it pretty clear Ellie was the only immune, at least the only immune the Fireflies knew about — the rest are probably dead or in hiding. (The scene near the beginning where soldiers don’t hesitate to gun down a woman who tests positive for infection drives this idea home.)

Also, the head surgeon’s enthusiasm for finding Ellie makes it sound like she’s the first they’ve found. He even uses the phrase “her immunity is like nothing we’ve ever seen before.”

And as for the ‘men and woman who bled for the cause,’ he mentions, I think that’s a reference to the Fireflies themselves, who are constantly dying like… well, flies at the hands of the military. When you first encounter Marlene, she’s bleeding and mentions all her men are dead; plus the escorts you deliver Ellie to are DOA, etc, etc.



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