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Sims 3 Generations

The Sims 3 Generations Walkthrough and Review

The fourth expansion pack for The Sims 3, the unique simulated life gaming franchise is here. Instead of widening the physical Sims universe, this expansion pack concentrates on greatly enhances the options and experiences available to your Sim, whether they be toddling youth, boisterous teenager, self concious middle aged Sim, or cranky, cantankerous old, youth-hating Sim. The new content and experiences that expansion pack, The Sims 3 Generations will bring is primarily dependant of the age range of that Sim, as the focus of “Generations” is to bring more “age specific” content to the game.

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As mentioned before, unlike all previous Sims 3 DLC packs, there isn’t any new town or location to scout with your Sim, this DLC focusing entirely on introducing new experiences and behaviors that a Sim character of that age would likely encounter, and just to be clear, yes, The Sims 3 Generations Walkthrough will help you so the game can be played with characters already created and semi-developed in The Sims 3. Now, to get down to what new content The Sims 3: Generations brings to already established owners of The Sims 3.

The Sims 3 Generations Walkthrough Items

Younger children now have a greater choice of playmates, playthings, and playgrounds. For instance, there’s a costume trunk that allows your young sim to dress as a “T-Rex” and wreak havoc. Perhaps your youthful Sim would prefer to play make believe/dress up as a fairy princess, or a space travelling astronaut. For new exploration purposes, there’s full tree house to engage that can appear as a sci-fi environment, a traditional “Little Rascals”-style clubhouse, or even a castle. There’s a full range of new playground equipment to interact with. All the usual playground mainstays are there, such as teeter-totters, slides, swings, jungle gyms, spring-rides, and a sandbox the kiddies can actually dig around in and find surprise goodies. Probably the most interesting addition pertaining to the environment of young Sims, is the introduction of an imaginary friend, that only your Sim can see. Parents of these younger Sims have a wider array of punishment options available in The Sims 3: Generations, such as removal of a favorite toy, time-outs, and the dreaded “grounding”.

The Sims 3 Generations Walkthrough Tips and Scenarios

Next partition up is your Sims’ teen years, and this appears to be the area in which The Sims 3: Generations concentrates the best material of the entire DLC pack. Your teen Sim can get into all sorts of shenanigans such as pulling a variety of pranks, such planting falsely flatulent “whoopie cushions”, egging your neighbors house, playing “Nicky, nicky, nine doors” (the prank where you ring a doorbell and then split, it was called that “nicky, nicky” handle in our neighborhood anyway), whipping up a stink bomb in chemistry class and unleashing the olfactory assault upon your classmates, or that “oldie but a goodie”, the flaming bag of dog poop on your neighbors door step. Don’t get caught doing any of these activties, or you quickly end up disliked, ostracized, or even in trouble with the boys in blue, (police)! Not everyone hates on the prankster though, and executing a prank successfully is rewarded with the appropriate “mood boost”.

Courting/dating is always a primary goal in the Sim world, and after popping the question of marriage, if successful, the next logical step is throwing the rowdiest bachelor/bachelorette party possible, complete with spraying bottles of bubbly all over each other, and ordering in that special “fireman/policeman” is fair game too, as long as you don’t get caught fraternizing with the “stripping” hired help, or your day of matrimonial bliss could get cancelled before you even get out of the gate! During this entry into adulthood, you can also coat your Sim with actual “body hair” wherever you like, right down to your own feet for that “Hobbit” look! Of course that’s one option that is only available to male Sims, but in reality, shouldn’t body hair be allowed for both? What if your female Sim happens to hail from Eastern Europe?

The compete Sims 3 Generations Walkthrough guide is available in your members area, click the book above to access it! Fortunately, if that Sasquatch look isn’t exactly got your Sim rollin’ with the fine females, you can always go down to the “Spa” for a full “Brazilian” and come out as smooth as a newborn. As a middle aged Sim, once you’re done getting rid of all that unsightly excess hair at the Day Spa, you can continue pursuing perfection and that mid-life crisis by searching for wrinkles and crow’s feet in the mirror, and finally deciding to drop that paunch around the mid-section, dyeing or changing your hair-style, and trading in that family oriented mini-van for a sleek, sexy, sports car. Need a more drastic action to indulge your mid-life crisis? Your middle-aged Sim could remodel their house, quit their job, or even file for divorce! It’s actions such as these can acquire your Sim one of the special “Feeling Alive!” or “Barely/Supremely Fulfilled”. Play it right and you could save yourself some serious Therapy bills at the local Sim hospital later on.

For the Sim in his golden years, most of the activities are centered around the memories and reminiscing of the all your Sim’s experiences throughout their life, whipping out that wallet, and boring everyone to death with endless photos of the grand kids, but to make sure they stay in “age-appropriate” character, they can also turn grumpy as well and angrily shake their cane at those annoying younger “whipper-snappers”. To further this theme of looking back at your Sim life fondly, you can purchase your own fully operational video camera to shoot your favorite moments of your Sim journey, (which switches you from 3rd into 1st person mode when filming), and watch these recorded gems on the screen of your own fully functional in-game television. For those Sim gamers that it’s not enough sharing of these Sim life moments to simply view them yourself in-game, The Sims 3: Generations has a new Memories system that allows the player to upload their favorite Sim life experiences to either Facebook or your own “Sims My Page”. We cover many aspects of the social climate in The Sims 3 Generations Walkthrough.

Finally, the last notable feature of The Sims 3: Generations is the introduction of a completely new occupation, Day-Care center facilitator. As in real life, all the expected headaches that go with the territory are encountered in the occupation such as out of control whining, crying rugrats, and parents that aren’t exactly in a hurry to pick their brats up on time either, but persevere and your Sims’ work performance rating skyrockets and the tips from happy parents start pouring in, but fail to keep the herd of “ankle-biters” fed, happy, and corralled, fully expect Social Services to intervene, hand out penalty disciplinary measures such as sending you to a penalty Parenting Class, or revoke your daycare license altogether. It’s in the best interest of your Sim to do the job right, as the end result could be the “Super-Nanny” lifetime award, which makes your Sim unstoppably successful in the Sim world.

The Sims 3 Generations Walkthrough covers everything the game offers which is basically a great DLC that gives Sims 3 fanatics a lot of replay value in the various twists and turns that can be encountered throughout a full Sim life cycle, as no two runs will turn out the same way, even if there’s in anything the way of actual new physical locations. The presentation and sound of The Sims 3: Generations is on par with the earlier two DLC packs, but some may suggest it’s overdue for a serious bump in the quality of the overall graphics of The Sims 3: Generations to the general expected quality we take for granted with this generation of consoles, but as true as that may be, that doesn’t appear to be of the highest priority to Sims 3 fans, instead as much new playthings, playgrounds, and playmates as possible, and the The Sims 3: Generations DLC pack brings the Sims player a healthy helping of just that, so Sims fans should enjoy the new The Sims 3: Generations DLC, which is available on May 31st, for both PC and Mac, and will set the computer gamer back the tidy sum of $39.95. Make sure to click the link above for the full Sims 3 Generations Walkthrough Strategy Guide.

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