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Thor: God of Thunder Walkthrough and Review

Summer is approaching, and that means a few things, hotter weather, longer days, and the pending release of yet another Stan Lee/Marvel Comic character turned movie blockbuster, and of course the accompanying videogame to match. With this year’s Thor: God of Thunder, that analogy may not be as cut and dried as were annually used to. How so? Well, Andrew Rubino, a spokesman for Sega/Liquid Entertainment explained that Thor: God of Thunder is not simply a video version rehash of the upcoming film.

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There will be similarities, such as the appearance of the lead character in the game resembling the actor that will play Thor in the film, and there will be some voice acting likenesses, but the storyline is unique to the game. Welcome news to fans of the comic version of Thor hoping for a great game, as many movie to game translations over the years have been notoriously shoddy. Since it would only be too easy to list examples of these culprits ad nauseum, (ahem, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk…), let’s hope Thor: God of Thunder can aid rare gems like Batman: Arkham Asylum in bucking this trend.

Thor being the Norse god of thunder, this gives game developer Liquid Entertainment some pretty rich mythology to draw from right out of the gate. In Thor: God of Thunder the gamer must wield the title character Thor, to strike down his enemies such as trolls and frost giants who have invaded Asgard, across backdrops of fire and ice. As well as the primary weapon the hammer Mjolnir, Thor also has a trio of god-like powers at his disposal including wind, thunder, and lightning based attacks. A game chronicling Thor’s mighty exploits would be remiss without some epic boss battles, and Thor: God of Thunder delivers these as well with level ending conflicts against enormous foes,Ymir, Sutur, Ulik, and the soul swallowing Mangog, a character whose voice is comprised of eight voice actors layered together to really convey all those poor souls trapped in there.

Thor’s abilities are upgradable over the course of the game as objectives are met and stone markers are found, and there are of course, the standard set of cut scenes through the journey. Early looks at the game suggest that the gameplay of this title should hold some appeal to fans of the God of War series and the many clones that have followed, such as Dante’s Inferno and Darksiders. Thor: God of Thunder is format friendly as it gets, with versions available for PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, DS, and Nintendo 3DS, and all will on stores shelves on May 3rd.

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