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Tomb Raider (2013) Walkthrough | A Survivor Is Born PC PS3 XBox 360

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When Lara set out to ­find the legendary island of Yamatai, it seemed convincing the crew of the Endurance to head into the dangerous area of the sea known as The Dragon’s Triangle would prove to be the greatest challenge.

Finding the island was only the beginning. Lara must explore, ­ fight, and, above all, survive to escape the island’s relentless hold.

Customer reviews:
The walkthrough is of great qaulity. Easy to follow directions through every step of the game. More-so this particular online Tomb Raider walkthrough offers things that you wont be able to find elsewhere online. Seeing as how the game only just came out. The price is great. All in all GREAT BUY!

User Opinions – Storyline Opinions & Suggestions:
I thought the original game was lacking in story and background, so I personally would be very much interested in a game set in World War 2, where you play as one of the US Marines sent to sabotage the Japanese/German research operation.

The intro would be set in 1940, when the Japanese started research operations on the island along with some German scientists. Thanks to the lack of human life, Himiko and her sun guard are severely weakened and mostly dormant (as insinuated by the game, they need souls to sustain their life and give them power), explaining why most of the research fleet got through past the storms. The premise then would be set in 1945, where Japan has put all hope to this operation (thus explaining why we see so much material on the island, from the thousands of soldiers, trucks and even a tank to the beached heavy cruiser) to win the war alongside some escaped Nazi scientists. The Allies would then be alerted by Trinity (whoever those guys are) or maybe a Trinity agent is part of the Pentagon. At first a bombing operation is ordered, but then we see the fruits of the Axis research go into action when they manipulate a severely weakened Himiko to launch a massive storm on the bomber formation, thus explaining all the B-24 carcasses all over the island.

And that’s when you come in. You play as part of a group of marines inserted into the island by submarine (so the storm doesn’t affect you) to sabotage the Axis operation before they bring it to full fruition. You start off with a few sabotage missions with your buddies until the end of the first act, where you get ambushed by the Japanese, your friends tortured and killed, and you dump their dog tags in the box in the mountain village (which Lara finds). You then go lone wolf across the island, eventually awakening the Stormguard general and blowing up the research facility on the beach, where you then trick the Axis into assaulting the monastery. Thanks to the new influx of souls and the awakened Stormguard general, Himiko becomes the super zapping god you see today, leading to the annihilation of the Axis forces who were manipulating her and the creation of the Dragon’s triangle. You then escape back to the US on a submarine, along with an orphan you rescued from the island who then becomes Sam’s ancestor.

The main character will also have to be raiding the tombs in their original state, without the traps being cleared by the Solarii, and give these tombs more difficulty. Maybe have a tomb featured in the original but make it super hard with hidden traps which you later disabled so Lara 70 years later doesn’t have to do anything.


Tomb Raider Quick Time Event with “!”?

What button do I press if I see the red “!” during the quick time event? I’m playing the pc version. If you played the xbox or ps3 version, tell me anyways that way I can figure what action button it is on pc version.

Accepted Answer

It’s the F key you want to press.

If it’s an exclamation point, it’s the F key.
If it’s a hand print, it’s the E key.

To solve this problem, turn off subtitles. The voice acting is great in this game and you shouldn’t need subtitles. Once you turn them off you find out that the button that you’re supposed to press was blocked by their background, ha!

More User Comments:

Why didn’t they make more reasons for it to be replayable? Where are the MGS unlockable style things like outfit changes, unlimited ammo and stuff like that? This game is awesome but beyond the awesome story(presentation anyway) there’s no reason to play it again :/

In a game like this there isn’t much they could do, but yeah, I have to agree they skipped doing a couple pretty obvious things that might not have been that hard to do:

1. More skills or less XP. Or mutually exclusive skills. Any way you do it, make it so you can’t have all the skills in one play through. This promotes playing again to try out the skills you missed the first time.

2. “Survivor” difficulty mode that unlocks when you complete the game on Hard. Enemies hit harder and faster. Health regen is turned off during combat (except maybe in a few of those really long fights at the end but tone in down quite a bit in those cases). Ammo pickups do not respawn. Ammo carrying capacity is halved. Survival Instinct mode is disabled (as are skills that depend on it).

There’s really no excuse for this sort of thing unless budget and time constraints were actually an issue, which they weren’t (Squeenix gave them tons of leeway on this).

This is just the way most games are these days. Once you finish them and get whatever dirt-easy unlockables/achievements it’s just done.






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