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Ubisoft: Project Eden Video Game Music Contest Details

Nothing says Friday’s here like a good game contest.  We thought it’d be good news for you too, since winning a music contest for a video game is always fun especially for youngsters.  This contest is based on the Child of Eden video game releasing June 14th, 2011 by Ubisoft and Q Entertainment. The contest is organized by Kongregate as a partner.  Child of Eden is a fantasy shooter where your mission is to protect Eden from a disastrous virus to preserve peace and hope to your world.  We’ve also included a video preview below.


Child of Eden Screenshot

Kongregate and Ubisoft are teaming up to bring you a really exciting new game development contest! Your goal is to create a fun game that synchronizes music and unique gameplay! Basically, create a game that completely revolves around the music! Take Streamline, or really any of Coolio_Niato’s games for example, and that’s a kind of premise for what you want your game to be like – but don’t restrict yourself in any means! I hope to see some really creative games come out of this and hopefully for the music-game genre to expand and evolve! Since the contest is being hosted on, you may upload either Unity 3D games, or Flash games! The grand prize, as voted on by the judges, Tetsuya Mizuguchi, Ubisoft, Riccardo Torres, and Kongregate, is a whopping 10,000 USD, second place is 3,000 USD and finally, third gets 2,000 USD!

You can check out the complete rules of eligibility here. You can upload your game for the Project Eden Music Contest here!

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Child of Eden Gameplay Walkthrough Video

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