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Ubisoft to release The Smurfs Dance Party

Yes folks believe it, not only will there be a Smurfs movie, but a smuringly smurfy Dance Party video game as well.  The game is being launched for Wii, utilizing the motion copy scheme similar to Simon or any button mashing game but in this case by moving your body whilst swinging your Wii wand to Smurfetts greatest dance moves.  As the movie is releasing on July 13th, the video game will hit store shelves two days prior on July 11th. More details below.


The Smurfs Dance Party announced for Wii by Ubisoft as a tie-in game for the upcoming family-friendly 3D CGI/live-action comedy film from Sony Pictures Animation.

Smurf Dance Party Sneek Peek Video

The game will be released in July 2011 with the movie hitting theaters in America on July 29th.

The Smurfs Dance Party mixes “chart-topping tracks” with “classic tunes” in over 20 fun dances created by professional choreographers and led by legendary characters from The Smurfs.

In The Smurfs Dance Party, kids and parents can dance alongside their favorite characters and heroes from the feature film including Smurfette, Papa Smurf, Clumsy, Brainy, Gutsy and even Gargamel.


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