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Report: PS4 Beats XBox One in Sales, Hardware, and Compatibility


There is indeed a storm brewing between Sony’s PS4 & Microsoft’s Xbox One consoles… From the get-go there were some issues with all hoopla going round with Xbox One. However, when push came to shove, Xbox came back & retracted on all the negatives they were being criticized for. The question going round though is whether or not the steep price for either one is really worth it.

Entire Xbox One Line Gets $50 Price Cut, Diablo 3 in Development for Console By Akash KJ March 25, 2014 06:33 GMT It has been only a few days since Microsoft trimmed the price of its Xbox One Titanfall bundle by $50, bringing it down to $449.99 in the US. According to a new report.

Both the PlaySation 4 and the Xbox One have been hits but now we have enough data to declare a clear winner in the early rounds: It’s the PlayStation 4. GameSpot has written a very thorough post outlining why the PS4 has outsold the Xbox One ever since its launch late last year while also noting that Sony’s console has some distinct advantages.

The console war has taken an interesting turn recently where the Xbox One has outsold the PS4 in the UK for the last four weeks! This turn of events, however, has not pushed the Xbox One’s sales above the PS4 worldwide, with the PS4 still going strong. Sony is hoping that the release of InFamous would bring them back up to speed.

Sony has a solid lead over Microsoft as far as next-gen console hardware sales go, but that doesn’t mean the Big M is ready to roll over and settle for the silver medal. Speaking to GameSpot at GDC , Microsoft’s Phil Spencer made it clear that he’s confident that Xbox One can beat out PlayStation 4 in this brutal console war.

Let’s take a look at Xbox One & what they have to offer: With Best Buy & Walmart, you can purchase the console for less PLUS receive Titanfall or Forza 5 with it as a Bundle. In addition, the cost of Titanfall & Forza 5 is $60. Take $60 from $450 & you get $390.00, which is $10 less than what PS4 is going for, BUT… PS4 is also coming out with a bundle, which will include the much anticipated Infamous: Second Son, which if you do the math on that, you’ll see that it would level back down to $50 less than Xbox One’s bundled price.

In the end it’s really up to the consumer and their preference in gaming. How many of them consider Kinect as “Real Gaming” as this is the main reason the console initially priced out at $100 more than PS4. Let’s face facts; had Microsoft simply done what playstation did, which was to leave the camera as an option, Xbox One would have been at the same price point and more than likely would have sold just as much. Best Buy & Walmart shelves for PS4 are empty, which is the whole reason behind knocking off $50 from the price, making the entire thing a bundle with one of two (2) uber-popular games exclusive to X-box, which can make itself a contender, but with no help from Microsoft, which is pretty arrogant to say the least seeing Sony’s PS4 is more powerful, which as per Gaming Bolt, the PS4′s CPU can process or generate textures at 14 megabytes per second, which is more than Xbox One’s 12 megabytes per second, which brings us to Titanfall on PC… My ASUS G75, which houses an Intel i7 processor can do 26 megabytes per second, which trumps PS4 let alone Xbox One.

Furthermore, Xbox still doesn’t have the mobile capabilities Playstation has with Vita, which is able to remotely play all PS4 games while connected to console via WiFi, but that’s not to say the PS Vita wasn’t crap, which it was for a few years and sold for more than it was worth. Games were sub-par and the only PS titles that could be played via Remote Play were PS1 & some PS2, and who wanted to pay that kind of money to play those? Both companies have made their share of mistakes, and I for one own and enjoy playing both (PS4 & Xbox 360), but as a consumer I favor the one that brings more to the table not to mention allows me to make the choice. I admit to standing in line to buy Xbox 360 Kinect bundle, but now the camera collects dust behind the flat screen.

War Of The Consoles: PS4 vs. Xbox One

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