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Will the PS Vita suffer over to it’s own Xperia Play sister?

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Camera Sample

Xperia Play Camera Sample

With all the new video gaming improvements on mobile phones these days the market for games has definitely shifted and that has Sony Ericsson developing the Xperia Play phone that will handle both Android apps and provides a gaming console interface.  Does it do well? Not according to GameInformer this month.

According to them, the phone does great for Android apps, great streaming of web content, email, videos, and the camera is superb.  However, the game design of the phone is a slide out gamepad for those avid ‘phone gamers’ and GameInformer’s Ben Reeves states the phone makes his hands cramp up.

Maybe he’s just too nervous while playing a particular game.  We can see that being a problem with driving titles having to stear with D-pads, but our guess is, that’s probably what he attempted to do.   Even if not, we agree about the dumbed down titles releasing on the platform, mainly only PS1 games.  Whereas the PS Vita will have PS3 resolution, I don’t see the comparison being even remotely worth the time.

Xperia Play Screenshot

Xperia Play Screenshot

Experia’s launch for PS1 games includes titles like Sims 3, Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock, and a port for Minecraft which all in all still make it look pretty darn desirable.  Now if they only get smart and give us a Boulder Dash original, we’ll all be set.

The Xperia Play comes with a two year contract to verizon for$199 and our best conclusion would be to purchase both the PS Vita and the Xperia Play if you really want all the gaming juice you’ll need for your travels.



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