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This X-Men Destiny Walkthrough is an online strategy guide book that will guide you through the entire video game including all bonus areas, extras, secret tactics, special moves and more.  Any X-Men fan will love getting every last bit of content out of this title.  Yes folks, it’s out, and it’s here to promote the new X-Men First Class movie, or wait, is it?  No it isn’t, actually it’s a completely different bastardized story to avoid any misconceptions of being tied to the latest movie release.  Pretty much safe to say Activision didn’t get its license for the movie script and the film is doing much better than the critical onslaught for this video game title.   However, that’s not to say that the X-Men Destiny video game doesn’t have it’s own reasons to be worth playing.  For one they used actual Hollywood voice over artists, and for two… well okay there’s the one.

Click here for the X-Men Destiny Walkthrough

Per GameSpot’s rant on this game, they conclude it is actually a repetitive nightmare that is a “new mutation of boredom” to quote them, but at GameGuideDog we neither condone nor miscondone any particular title based on just gameplay alone.  Does X-Men Destiny have any redeeming value whatsoever?  Yes it does.  Aside from our sarcastic comment above about the voice talent being the only part of the game worth remembering, there are a plethora of power moves and combinations you will enjoy utilizing on swarms of enemies and boss encounters.

The story itself in X-Men Destiny puts you control the fate of a new mutant in the X-Men universe. Every choice has a consequence, as your destiny is determined through the decisions you make as you advance through the game.

Play as one of three new characters in X-Men lore, each one of whom must come to terms with his or her unique background and powerful mutant identity while uncovering the truth behind an epic event that threatens to tear apart the tenuous peace between humanity and mutant kind.

Evolve and customize your core mutant powers with an opportunity to earn and equip “X-genes” to expand and alter your power base. Choose which path to take in key moments that impact your story and how other characters respond to you. Fight alongside and against famous mutants from the X-Men comics, including Wolverine, Cyclops, Emma Frost and more.

So again, if you are stumped stuck or frustrated with X-Men Destiny, you owe it to yourself to get your own copy of the complete strategy guide by clicking on the video game book right here on this page and grabbing your copy of the X-Men Destiny Walkthrough.

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