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XBox 360 Gets into the 3D Market Challenging PS3

Wow, wait, what?  This year Sony has emphasized it’s extremely streamlined set of 3D hardware and Viao chipsets to allow gamers of all ages to enjoy 3D gaming on Ps3, but now Microsoft levels the playing field.  Backing off the Kinect for a moment, they’ve launched a counter-attack making their next update to include 3D hardware chipsets (compatable LEDs) to run games in 3D which will also have a nice selection of XBLA DLC’s to toy with the concept.

The new update allows users to enabled 3D for use with 3D TV sets. The text reads “Enable 3D to use stereoscopic 3D in games and experiences that support it. The option also has a setting which will detect TV size and also allow users to input the size manually.

Now if you went a step further and added the Kinect experience to this gambit, you have a complete virtual experience that will blow your mind with top titles.

The PS3 has had these options for quite some time via one of its updates but is good news that the Xbox 360 finally recognizes 3D games; especially in light of the announcement of 3D support for Gears of War 3, Batman Arkham City and Halo CE: Anniversary.

Next on the list of possibilities for the new update will be streaming  3D movies directly from SKY and Netflicks.  This cannot be confirmed and to date it’s likely that both of these streaming services are probably incapable of serving a 3D signal, but in the near future who knows.

XBox 360 3D Settings Screen

XBox 360 3D Settings Screen

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