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Dead Space 2 walkthrough video game guide (PC PS3 XBOX 360)

The game is just out, and fans everywhere are releasing the havoc to be found on space station Sprawl.  It’s no wonder as the reviews in after the first few hours in the hands of gamers come in at a whopping 9 out of 10.

This goes on to easily meet the criteria establishing the fact that Dead Space 2 is not merely more of the same. Actually, it asserts that there is in fact a considerable jump in level of quality. In fact reviews are so good that it’s been compared to Uncharted’s shift from the exceptional primary game to an upgraded remarkable sequel.
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“Polish, variety and, most radically for Dead Space 2, likeably engaging characters, make for a significantly improved Dead Space experience”, says Edge magazine.
Edge’s score stands out as the most recent in a the developing level of approval for Dead Space 2, together with PSM3’s 92% Dead Space 2 evaluation and OXM’s 9/10 Dead Space 2 assessment.
Game Informer 9/10
“A monster of a sequel, offering bigger scares and more excitement than I expected… The tease for Dead Space 3 has my head spinning with questions.”GGD Game Walkthrough Guides

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