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Dragan Age 2

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GameGuideDog is proud to announce they are helming a full release of the Dragon Age II Walkthrough and complete set of instructions and videos based on character development in regards to choices made in this non-linear expansion to the highly anticipated sequel to Dragon Age Origins. The Dragon Age 2 update release is in every way an expansion on the previous entry to the series.

The controls system when the original Dragon Age Origins was ported did not seem to work well on the PS3 or X360. When it comes to Dragon Age II, this is most definitely not the case. If anything it’s kind of a reverse of the scenario when it comes to controlling as the game definitely feels as if it’s designed and ‘made for console’ action. The conversation wheel in the new Dragon Age 2 walkthrough is quite a bit different than previous titles from BioWare as well.

That is to say that the long exposition of dialogue usually provided to develop character backgrounds is being avoided as this content was already included in Origins so the gameplay when it comes to talking with characters moves much quicker and feels a lot smoother ovrall. Additionally in the conversation wheel they have also provided a kind of ‘icon’ system where you can tell what kind of tone your return options are making selecting a response a bit less time consuming and more straightforward.  There are positive and negative responses as well as middle of the line sarcastic or cynical answers which may or may not have much effect overall, but definitely shape your characters persona when it comes to your build of Hawke, the character you use to play out the storyline.

So as said prior the overall game design of Dragon Age 2 is indeed geared more towards console systems, and that by default makes the PC version run much simpler, however it still remains challenging when it comes to battling Darkspawn and difficult bosses, on either version. Additionally on the PC version, the dialogue being just as concise, this change advances the storyline in a much more Epic and engaging fashion keeping the player more involved in what is going on than being spoon fed loads of details, rather being able to focus on a few at a time making it much more digestible and manageable for the duration of the game.

Visually speaking, you will first encounter a much more robust and visually appealing Kirkwall with a few missions to complete before heading to North Kirkwall to handle more Darkspawn and meet with the Dalish Elves which will launch you onto a mission to perform a ceremony at the top of their mountain. Based on the choices you make during conversations, you will encounter adjusted and different elements within the storyline, personalities in return, and ultimately a different ending entirely, much like Mass Effect 2 or Fallout 3, but with a new upgraded story generating system, making this one of the, if not the very most, anticipated title so far this year. 

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The controls system when the original Dragon Age Origins was ported did not seem to work well on the PS3 or X360.

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