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GoldenEye 007 Walkthrough

When Mario Puzo came up with the character of Sonny Corleone in The Godfather, clearly he wasn’t thinking about how his creation might fit into the context of a videogame, and neither was Ian Fleming when he dreamt up James Bond. Nevertheless, both of these feisty fellows have appeared in contemporary videogames, and not always entirely convincingly. The difference is that no one ever really expected a game based on the movie treatment of Puzo’s book to fly, while the question aimed at an interactive version of 007 is more frequently something like: how can it not work?

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In today’s Bond, as played by Daniel Craig, we have a hero whose approach to fighting, firefights and driving cars at reckless velocities could hardly be more attuned to the kind of activities accustomed to videogame players. That the next Bond vehicle will be a game and not a movie, then, makes a whole lot more sense than most licensing deals. The fact that Bizarre Creations, the team behind Blur and the PGR series, is making it happen via a collaboration with veteran Bond movie writer Bruce Feirstein only serves to endorse its prospects. Our report from the studio, which started off, looking at how the modern British secret agent’s values are being captured in game form via Blood Stone, and we also take a look at the reimagining of an N64 classic in the form of Wii firstperson shooter GoldenEye.

Both games will have to go some to displace Call Of Duty: Black Ops in the mind of bookmakers as the game to outsell all others in 2010, and we will further we talk to Treyarch, the studio charged with picking up Infinity Ward’s trail once more, and giving new life to the military FPS genre.

Bankrolling all of these escapades is Activision Blizzard, whose CEO, Bobby Kotick, we also interview this issue. Contrary to how he’s sometimes portrayed, we didn’t need to travel via a secret underground monorail system in order to meet him, and as far as we could tell he doesn’t have a high-powered laser device mounted above a table anywhere within his headquarters, but our time together revealed plenty about how the most powerful man in gaming oversees his empire.

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  • MuppetFronz
    December 2, 2010
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    Half of it is hype, the rest looks overdone, but overall it is like watching a movie when playing the game if you have the sound turned up really loud.

  • Divina Clare
    December 18, 2010
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    When i visit a blog, chances are that I notice that most blogs are amateurish. On this case I could honestly say that you writing is decent and this website is extremely solid.

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