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Atari Contacts GameGuideDog’s CEO – Topper the Wonderdog

Dear GameGuideDog Friends,

It’s been a long run here at GameGuideDog for me, (over 10 years actually), and we are not  about to throw in the towel either. Several thousand members would be none too happy if ‘The Dog’ fell off the face of the web. That said, we recently had a very nice bit of correspondence directed at us for one of our honest reviews. What’s ironic, is it wasn’t even a ‘good’ review of the game in question. As writers here at GameGuideDog, we never unconditionally condone nor miss-condone any particular product as our own standards and mission is and always will be to remain truly objective, it’s nice to know that a gaming company as big as Atari appreciates our candid and honest ‘real life’ words to the lay-gamer approach.

That said, it appears to me that if the above is true, we are definitely moving in the correct direction bringing YOU the gamer, the best, most current, and intimate of gaming details without having to swallow a pill of “purchased reviewer objectivity”. We are not critics here, meaning we do not criticize developers for small bugs or graphically challenged engines when hard work and creativity is apparent, where caring and passion has been put into an end product worth believing in, when overall enjoyment of a work comes down to universally one simple thing. Is a game fun to play?

In closing, I wish to thank every last individual who has ever crossed one of our pages and believed in our mission to expand the knowledge of the gaming world in a way that both helps young adults, promotes the ESRB correctly, and advances those development teams that have been given such challenging obstacles and intense platforms to provide ALL of us with some of the greatest entertainment in the history of mankind. Atari would be one of those publishers, and I’m sure everyone will agree with me on that point.


David J. Garfield
(aka Topper the Wonderdog)

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