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Dino D-Day Walkthrough Video Game Guide (PC) Steam

Dino D-Day Walkthrough Video Game Guide (PC)

Dino D-Day screenshot (Steam)

Steam announces and sets a release date for Dino D-Day slated for  March 1, 2011.

Adolf Hitler has been successful in resurrecting dinosaurs. The actual reptilian group has trampled Europe, the Mediterranean and beyond. Can absolutely nothing halt this Nazi’s dinosaur themed army?

Dino D-Day is a frenzied, action-packed multiplayer video game which will deliver you to a World War II which should probably not have been (even in a video game, but hey it’s fun right?) Both you and your good friends shall combat on-line determining to function either for the cause of the Allied nations or Adolf Hitler. The Allied side consists of half a dozen playable personas each individual having distinctive weaponry as well as capabilities to make use of within battle. Gun down a Dilophosaur using your reliable M1 Garand, blast a kamikaze pterosaur from the skies using your Thompson sub-machine gun, chuck away a defunct jack rabbit in order to attract a raptor right into a snare.

Being an Axis player you will possess the selection of three individual classes and three dinosaur classes. Ambush your current adversary with swiftness and stealth as the Raptor, mercilessly pound your opponent using the Desmatosuchus’ weighty 20mm weapon, rampage thru opposing forces’ teams as the Dilophosaur, grab a body and toss this at an opponent to get a dual defeat! The German soldier classes are an ideal counterpoint for their dinosaur allies.

You’ve played World War II video games before…but have you ever enjoyed a World War II game with Nazi dinosaurs?

Right here is the formal trailer. The video game can also be found already, and is available as a Half-Life Mod.

Here is an additional “newsreel” trailer.

Lastly, here is ten full minutes of gameplay footage.

Click here for the Dino D-Day walkthrough

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    I agree. Dino-D Day could have been left in the bargain bin.

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