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English Pokemon starter names revealed, starting region renamed too

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See that pic up there? From left to right we have the Grass-type Snivy, the Fire-type Tepig, and the Water-type Oshawott. These are the new English names for the localized release of Pokémon: Black & White.

The new names, which replace the original Japanese ones (Tsutarja, Pokabu, and Mijumaru), were revealed by Nintendo on the games’ official English website. Legendary Pokémon and cover mascots Reshiram and Zekrom retain their names.

Also revealed was the new name for the starting region, Unova. Siliconera notes that this is the first time the name of a starting region in a Pokémon game has been changed from its original Japanese name.

Pokémon: Black & Pokémon: White will launch in North America in the first quarter of 2011.

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