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James Bond: 007 Blood Stone Walkthrough Video Guide (PC PS3 XBOX 360 DS)

Blood Stone isn’t a tie-in, it’s a break-out. The newest chapter of Bond is interactive and even more action packed than before. James Bond will return. Until recently, that line was one of cinema’s surest promises. With 22 Bond films released since 1962, six actors having taken on the role and a gritty 2006 reboot securing the franchise’s place in the 21st century, the secret agent’s trajectory through the history of action cinema has always seemed as assured and unstoppable as a high-calibre bullet. And then, earlier this year, that bullet ricocheted off a wall of financial difficulties. Production of what was to be Sam Mendes’ Bond 23 is currently shelved (or, according to certain sources, cancelled) as a result of movie studio MGM’s ongoing financial difficulties.

They’ll be sorted out eventually, of course, and James Bond will return to the big screen. But the question is will anyone feel his absence at all? Fans of the series left anxiously awaiting Daniel Craig’s third outing can find solace in the knowledge that there’s not one, but two Bond games due out before the end of year. Bizarre Creations’ Blood Stone is a thirdperson action game hoping`to blend the gunplay, car chases and brutal hand-to-hand fight scenes which define Daniel Craig’s Bond into a single, fluid experience. Fellow British dev Eurocom, meanwhile, is crafting a new take on GoldenEye, the greatest game made to date. But what’s the enduring appeal of Ian Fleming’s Cold War creation? The world which he was born is long gone, but before he was officially rebooted as blonder model, he was an oddly ageless hero. One man who can tell us is screenwriter Bruce Feirstein, who, penned Pierce Brosnan’s first Bond movies (including GoldenEye), has written the script for both Bizarre’s title Eurocom’s updated take on his screenplay.

James Bond is one of the archetypal figures of our times,” he says, before correcting himself, and in doing so summing up the key to Bond’s appeal: me say that again: James Bond is one of the great archetypal figures
throughout recent history.” Feirstein attributes Bond’s mutable nature as the key to the character’s success. “Every man plays Bond has reinvented him as an icon of their time,” he says. “I think Connery was a perfect Bond for the Cold and Roger Moore reflected a strange period of history when the balance of history was shifting.” The later Bonds?

At its core, Blood Stone is a thirdperson shooter, albeit one that breaks up its shooting with a powerfully efficient hand-to-hand takedown mechanic. The first level Bizarre shows us takes place in Istanbul. A cutscene sets up Bond’s mission β€”to find a missing researcher whose location has been tracked to a construction site in the area. What begins is a simple investigation scene, as Bond walks down a street lined with civilians before talking his way into the site. At this point, he breaks out the only gadget which the gritty, raw, Daniel Craig interpretation of the character will allow: a smartphone β€” one that highlights points of interest on the site, to be precise. Scanning these spots and generating evidence is as simple as pressing a button, though each piece discovered fleshes out backstory detail which can be accessed through a menu screen.

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  • James Bruno
    November 22, 2010
    Reply #1

    I also liked your Fallout New Vegas Article… […] Fallout New Vegas Walkthrough Video Guide (PC PS3 XBOX 360 DS) « GameGuideDog &#8211… […]

    • Victoria
      December 2, 2010
      Reply #2

      I like this game. Daniel Craig is so sexy… {giggle}

    • Christine
      December 2, 2010
      Reply #3

      I always wanted to be a bond girl.

  • James Bond 007 Blood Stone Game Walkthrough Guides
    November 23, 2010
    Reply #4

    This was a darn good article, I’m glad I found this site! All signed up and your assistance was astoundingly fast and wanted to say that here as well!

    • Ed
      December 2, 2010
      Reply #5

      Skaken not stirred!

    • Lognarg881
      December 2, 2010
      Reply #6

      This is a good guide, you guys should see this!

  • reomEmomype
    November 23, 2010
    Reply #7

    That’s another nice and eye opening piece of info, while this is a bit advanced for those of us new to forex.
    I would like to see a post on the basic do’s and don’ts everyone has to be aware of be it a beginner or professional.

    • Lida
      December 2, 2010
      Reply #8

      I sure hope its better than the **** that was quantum of bull**** that game was awful.

    • Verticular
      December 2, 2010
      Reply #9

      You are grossly exaggerating it . Not even Rockstar’s juggernauts cost that much. The game costs probably around 5-10x less.

  • Chelsea
    November 29, 2010
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  • Chris
    December 2, 2010
    Reply #12

    Was cool to find this site. Thanks for making it for kids like me!

  • MajorGonzo
    December 2, 2010
    Reply #13

    How do you get the girl to shut up?

  • MRFUnnYSpook
    December 2, 2010
    Reply #14

    Good writeup. Why haven’t I heard of this site?

  • Vnags
    December 2, 2010
    Reply #15

    MGM has huge problems. They cannot even create a stargate MMO, which is perhaps the only MMO with enough theoretical “legs” to go head2head with WOW. ****. A Stargate MMO would be so insanlet badass. Al they would have to do for expansions/patches/dlc would be to release new gate addresses in the game somehow/where.

    Of course they cant figure out how to get a good developer (the previous developer with such a task was Jowood, which is akin to shoving the game in a pile of dog**** and finding it and calling it gold. Turd Gold.). If they ever got a competeny studio to support or even liscense the franchise as a whole, it would be the greatest game ever doen correctly.

    Stargate is a infinite universe with a **** ton of lore and ideologies, and lots of factions, yet MGM flails its arms around like a dejected chicken.

    (Yes I’m bitter about stargate worlds. The end.)

  • Silfsol
    December 2, 2010
    Reply #16

    The title reminds me of a Leo DeCaprio movie for some reason… πŸ˜‰

  • JamesBlond
    December 2, 2010
    Reply #17

    Bond games died with Golden Eye.

  • TazRUs
    December 2, 2010
    Reply #18

    Other places gave it like 7-8 average i think.
    And its Gameinformer…i think they hate the wii.
    they seem to want the game to be a remake of the n64 version, which it isnt…thus it fails.
    And if not they want the game to be like a CoD clone or something…which it isnt…thus it fails.

    Either way, Goldeneye > Blood Stone.

    This is a good blog btw.

  • FlatBastardito
    December 2, 2010
    Reply #19

    lol $130 million where did you pull that number from. Even Starcraft 2 probably never had that much sunk into it.

  • VidoTheScourge
    December 2, 2010
    Reply #20

    Hmm, so instead of spending $130 million on a Bond movie, which will likely make all of it’s money back, they will spend that $130 million on a videogame, which will likely fall short of recouping that investment.

  • JamesVagaBond
    December 3, 2010
    Reply #21

    It looks kind of ugly, though I’m definitely wondering what kind of story the writer of GoldenEye can stuff into this thing. And Bizarre Creations of all studios being the developer of note…that’s usually not a bad thing. We’ll see come fall, I guess

  • Ovalface
    December 3, 2010
    Reply #22

    Hope it’s not locked to 30fps as the previous one

  • Ekonomia
    May 7, 2011
    Reply #23

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    May 27, 2011
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  • Kuehn Violeta
    January 4, 2014
    Reply #25

    Couldn’t find this anywhere except on GameGuidedog. Finally a site that actually updates game walkthroughs for what I need. Pork chops and Awesome sauce!!

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